The Cost of Installing Air Conditioning: Your Money Saving Guide 2023 (2023)

The Cost of Installing Air Conditioning: Your Money Saving Guide 2023 (1)

As summers in the UK get hotter, some may find that the hot weather isn't always comfortable - especially if your home is heated day in and day out. .

Air conditioning may be the solution. With cooling installed, you'll feel more relaxed and use less energy due to the direct reduction in internal temperature, making hot days more manageable.

In this guide, we'll learn about:

  • How much does the air conditioner cost?
  • What are the factors that affect the price of air conditioners?
  • How to Save Money on Air Conditioning
  • How to find out which air conditioner is right for you
  • How to Find and Hire Professionals

If you want to know the best ways to cool down your home without spending a fortune, read on.

How much does the air conditioner cost?

Let's start with the cost to give you an idea of ​​what you need to budget. As you'd expect, the cost of an air conditioner can vary depending on the type of system chosen and the amount of equipment required.

The table below estimates the cost of installing various air conditioners and how long it will take to install.

air conditioner typeestimated valueEstimated installation time
evaporative air cooler£90-£500 per itemnot applicable
portable air conditioner£30 to £500 per unitnot applicable
air conditioner by the window£300 to £1,500+ per itemonce
floor air conditioner£600 to £1450+ per itemonce
single or multiple split systems£1,000 to over £1,600 per unitone to seven days
Channel Stage Ceiling Box£2,500 to over £4,000 per unitthree to ten days
MVHR system£7,000 to over £8,500 per housefive to seven days

An evaporative air cooler draws in air from outside, and the system filters out allergens like dust and pollen while cooling hot air, leaving you with cool, clean indoor air.

These systems use water evaporation and do not consume much electricity to operate. In addition, evaporative air conditioners do not contain any refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly.

Each set costs between £250 and £500 and can be installed in one day.

Portable air conditioners are units on wheels that you can move from room to room. This gives you the flexibility to use when you want to find a cool space during the day or night.

The device has a hose attached to one end of the device and the other end of the hose goes through the window. It should be noted that less expensive portable air conditioners can be noisy if they don't have useful features like timers.

These air conditioners are by far the cheapest option, ranging from £50 to £600 each, depending on features and functionality. Installation time is as short as plugging the unit into an outlet.

Window air conditioners are perfect for your window space. They're ideal when you're short on wall space and don't need a freestanding or portable hose-type unit.

Prices range from £500 to £1,300 each and take about a day to install.

The base cabinets look somewhat similarstorageHeater, but can be used for heating or cooling.

These air conditioners must be mounted on the wall. The plumber drilled a hole in the wall for the pipe to vent the hot air outside. As such, they are not suitable for tenants who cannot make cosmetic changes to their homes.

With prices rising slightly again, the units range from £600 to £1,450 per unit and take a day to assemble and install.

Next, let's look at single-split or multi-split systems. Split systems are the most common type of air conditioner and consist of an indoor wall-mounted unit and a second, larger outdoor unit.

No plumbing is required, so this type of system installs with minimal disruption. You can control each air conditioner individually so each room has a different temperature.

Unlike single-split systems, where you need one indoor unit and one outdoor unit for each room you want to cool, multi-split systems allow you to connect up to four indoor units to one outdoor unit.

If you want to maximize the number of air-conditioned rooms but don't have much outdoor space, a multi-split system can be a good solution.

These units cost between £1,000 and £1,600 and take between 1 and 7 days to install, depending on complexity.

Next we look at ducts or ceiling boxes. Ceiling mount cassettes are great for tight spaces or when you don't want equipment taking up room in the room. Technicians mounted the air conditioner in the ceiling to look like a small grill. The air is blown out horizontally and reaches every corner of the room.

In contrast, ducted air conditioners heat multiple rooms with a single outdoor unit, but cannot individually control the temperature in each room. Simultaneously directs cold (or hot) air to all rooms at the same temperature.

In most cases, less expensive air coolers have a lower water capacity, which means you have to be nearby to top up the tank. The units cost from £2,500 to £4,000 and take three to ten days to assemble.

Mechanical Heat Recovery (MHVR) systems remove old, stale air from your home and replace it with fresh, outside air. This system causes the temperature to drop, but does not have the same cooling effect as a traditional air conditioner.

They are by far the most expensive air conditioning option. They cost between £7,000 and £8,500 each and take five to seven days to install.

If you want a cooling system that uses renewable energy, an air-to-air pump is a great solution. These pumps can be mounted on the floor or wall and look like a traditional air conditioner.

The system is powered by a heat pump, which uses less electricity than a traditional air conditioner. In addition, it is also environmentally friendly as the pump does not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Later in this article, we'll take a closer look at which system might be right for you. However, when in doubt, an air conditioning technician can advise which system you need and provide you with a quote for installation.

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What are the factors that affect the price of air conditioners?

The Cost of Installing Air Conditioning: Your Money Saving Guide 2023 (2)

Now that we know the basic cost of an air conditioner, let's take a closer look at the reasons why your project might be more expensive than expected.

system art

Portable systems are the least expensive, but they require you to connect hoses to the outside, and these tend to be noisier than more expensive built-in units.

Split systems are a popular choice if you only want to cool one or two rooms. Multi-split systems, ductwork, and ceiling boxes are the most expensive because they require more time to install. So if you're on a smaller budget, it's worth considering cheaper alternatives.

unit number

It goes without saying: the higher the quantity, the more expensive the project will be. This is especially true for built-in equipment, as plumbing and wiring and subsequent repairs require more labor than for equipment that simply connects portable equipment.

room size

To cool effectively, you need to invest in an air conditioner powerful enough for the size of your room. If you end up buying something that isn't as functional as your size requires, you'll end up spending more money in the long run because you'll have to add extra units to the machine.

Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). BTUs are the amount of energy used by a device to cool and heat it.

If you have a smaller room, you can get a lower BTU air conditioner than a larger room—and, as you might expect, lower BTU air conditioners tend to be less expensive. However, it's best to buy something more powerful than you need, as an air conditioner running at maximum output constantly uses more energy.

When in doubt, consult an air conditioning installer who can advise you on the right system and equipment for your space.

Air conditioner

Depending on the manufacturer, air conditioners may have different features, leading to higher prices.

Many air conditioners provide both cooling and heating functions. Without a multi-split, air-to-air, or MVHR system, you may not be able to efficiently heat your entire home.

However, using the heating phase of the air conditioning system can be a useful safeguard. If you're working in a home office that's cold but don't want to turn on the heat throughout the house, you can heat this one room with an air conditioner.

Some devices have a dehumidification mode, which is useful when you want to reduce humidity. This is especially useful in wet British winters.

Fan speed affects how quickly a room is cooled. If you choose the highest fan speed, the indoor unit will be louder than if you keep it at the lowest speed, but the room will cool down faster.

Quiet mode means the motor runs slowly and with less noise at night. High-end air conditioners are nearly silent, but most make at least some noise.

Always check the decibel levels of your indoor and outdoor units before purchasing an air conditioner, especially if you plan to install it in a bedroom.

The timer allows you to set when the air conditioner turns on or off. This feature is especially useful at bedtime, when you can set the system to shut down in the early hours.

Some air conditioners have an app or a central display that you can use your smartphone to operate. The app gives you extra control so you can turn on the air conditioner before you get home, so you'll feel refreshed as soon as you step through the door.

Installing an air conditioner involves installing gas and water pipes, and may also include duct or box piping. If you want more equipment, you will have to anticipate higher labor costs as more tubing, conduit or cassettes are required to run.

If you're doing an air conditioning retrofit to an existing home, you also have to expect higher labor costs. That's because your installer may have to drill holes, lift floors, and cut channels in walls to accommodate the required plumbing.

If you're planning to remodel your home and add air conditioning, you should also budget for itPlastering costIdecorationsAnd possibly replace old carpet or floors. It is especially important to remember that air conditioners use fluorinated gases for cooling, so only technicians certified by F-Gas or REFCOM should install the system.

How can I save money to buy an air conditioner?

The Cost of Installing Air Conditioning: Your Money Saving Guide 2023 (3)

Comparing deals is a great way to potentially reduce your air conditioning costs. HouseholdQuotes can help you get quotes from multiple installers in your area so you can find one that fits your budget.

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Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to reduce air conditioning costs.

First, you need to make sure you have the correct windscreen installed to keep cool air in and warm air out. If your home is older, a professional can do the job for you.

Storm openings in windows and doors are expected to cost around £200.

If you decide to do it yourself, be careful not to block the ventilation grilles.air stoneOr the vents in the windows are leaking.

You should also try to keep your blinds, drapes, and blinds closed. This is especially important for sun-facing rooms, as they heat up much faster than north-facing rooms.

If your air conditioner has a timer, you can use it to turn the unit on and off and save money. For example, you can turn on the air conditioner before bed and set a timer to turn it off when the temperature drops in the early morning.

It is also useful to set the right temperature. Although many air conditioner manufacturers recommend leaving the air conditioner on when you're away from home, it's a good idea to set the temperature a bit higher while you're away to reduce energy consumption, or to simply turn off the air conditioner if you'll be away for an extended period of time.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner?

Operating costs depend on the type of equipment, energy efficiency and age. The approximate cost of the new system is shown in the table below:

soba noodlesBTUlose weighthourly pricelength of timedaily feeweekly fee
salon120003.52 kW£1,19Eight O'clock9.52 lbs£66,64
kitchen8.0002.34 kW£0.79four hours3.18 lbs22.27 lbs
master bedroom10.0002.93 kW£0,99Eight O'clock£7,96£55,78
second bedroom8.0002.34 kW£0.79
Eight O'clock6.36 lbs£44,55
work from home60001.76 kW£0,58Eight O'clock4.78 lbs£33,51
Multi-split of 6 units42.00012 kW4.08 lbs
Eight O'clock32.64 lbs£228,48

Prices are based on current electricity prices at the time of writing (34p per kWh).)。Your actual running costs will depend on the type of air conditioner you have, its performance and how much you pay for electricity.

If you want to use a portable air conditioner, expect to pay around 44p an hour. They're useful if you want to move them to a different room, but they're not particularly energy efficient.

Air coolers, on the other hand, do not cool as well as air conditioners, but are much cheaper to run. You can pay from as little as 1p an hour.

As you can see, the cost depends on the power of the unit and how much of the day you use the air conditioner. The efficiency of the equipment depends on the age of the equipment and the availability of annual maintenance by qualified technicians.

How do I know which air conditioner is right for me?

With so many devices available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. While there are some easy answers—portable units are best for renting out—other furnished units are more of a gray area.

unit typeadvantageshortcoming
portableno installation required
You can move it from one room to another
Take it with you when you move
It can be hidden when not in use
not suitable for large rooms
can be noisy
expensive to operate
Hose should lead from door or window
You must empty the water tank regularly
fully furnishedhigh efficiency
still or still
cool and warm
timer setting
It can be mounted on the wall or the floor
it's not particularly eco-friendly
installation fee must be paid
I need to set up an outdoor unit somewhere
MVHRExcellent filtration improves air quality
Reduce condensation and humidity
low operating costs
You'll need the whole system installed right away, so you should have between £6,000 and £7,000
air to airvery effective
Heat pumps are environmentally friendly
cool and warm
To be effective, it must be properly maintained

What does air conditioning installation include?

A technician or salesperson from the company will come and see where you want to install the equipment. They calculate the dimensions you need and discuss with you the type of system and unit placement you want.

The location determines the amount of pipe or pipes to be laid. You will then receive a quote with your chosen plan and price.

F-Gas Certified Engineer andelectricianThen the system will be installed. The system has been initially tested and a technician will show you exactly how to use it.

After the renovation is complete, plasterers, painters, and ruggers will take care of all your home's problems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning?

Let's take a closer look at the main advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners:

Ensures comfort in high heatit's not environmentally friendly
It helps reduce the risk of dehydrationThis can lead to higher utility bills
Removing pollen, dust and mold spores can improve air qualitySome devices may produce noise
It can be used as a heating device in most casesPortable option is the only option for those living in rental apartments

The main advantage is achieving a comfortable indoor temperature when the outside temperature is significantly higher while reducing the risk of dehydration. It also reduces pollen, dust, and mold spores, which can help allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers.

Many air conditioners also have heaters. You can use this feature to heat a small room or provide extra heating for a larger room in winter.

When considering the cons, keep in mind that some devices can be noisy. So check the decibel level before buying and installing, and keep in mind that this may result in higher electricity bills.

Right now, air conditioners aren't exactly eco-friendly.

How do I find and hire someone to install and service my air conditioner?

The Cost of Installing Air Conditioning: Your Money Saving Guide 2023 (4)

Finding the right air conditioner installer can be a challenge. At HouseholdQuotes we can connect you with installers in your area.

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It's also a good idea to ask friends, colleagues and family if they have any suggestions. If your neighbor has recently installed an air conditioner, ask them who installed it, as they may be able to give you helpful advice.

Make sure the experts are right

First, you should check that your installers are F-Gas certified or registered with REFCOM, otherwise they are not legally qualified to install your system. It was nice to learn about their past work. So, check out case studies or client testimonials to see the quality of their work and their ethics.

As a formality, you should be presented with a certificate of insurance - all craftsmen should have liability insurance. It's also a good idea to ask if a maintenance contract is offered, and if so, how much it costs.

final list

With any project, you want to make sure you're getting the best deal possible - here's our ultimate checklist to make sure you've got everything covered before proceeding with your air conditioner installation.

  • Are you considering whether you need air conditioning throughout your house, or just in one or two rooms? This can help determine the type of equipment you need
  • Discover the different systems available. There is a wealth of information online and many of the major manufacturers have a chat system if you want to ask any questions
  • Professional air conditioning technicians can also advise you on the system that best suits your needs, budget and home design
  • Make sure the installer gives you a written quote that clearly states what is and is not included
  • Also, ask if the offer includes garbage collection and disposal
  • Finally, check with your installer for warranties and warranties for parts and/or labor

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frequently asked questions

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