Rheem, Ruud, WeatherKing HLK Mark! (2023)


Overview of HVAC brands Rheem, Ruud, WeatherKing. Just a quick look at the comparisons between these brands under the same parent company. When you compare apples to apples, sometimes you find that they are the exact same HVAC product but with a different name on the label.

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Hi Joshua Griffin, hit the subscribe button before we watch the video.

Hi everyone, Joshua Griffin is a pilot serving Virginia's Central Peninsula and Northern Neck and would like to do a video in this series.

We've done two of these for a range of HVAC brands and reviews of those brands.

Next we have the Rheem line, Rheem is an interesting brand to me, at least in our area.

There are some suppliers (multiple suppliers) that offer Riemann primitives.

And then you know, of course there are some, you know, some of the competitors and contractors and things like that that offer that as well. I'm just briefly reviewing the Reem situation.

I have a well.

A rude rep came up to me.

We even installed some of them.

I don't hate them, they are what they are.

They are good products.

But one of our qualities, if you will, that I've been emphasizing is our ability to offer what no one else can.

So I remember meeting with the sales rep and asking him the question, "So, what can you offer?" Nobody offered anything that was proprietary, unique, or something I could offer if I talked to the homeowner. What can I offer that no one else can offer and for which he has no real answer?

I mean he's got a normal, you know, we think we're the best answer, but there's really nothing, you know.

So if you watch this video and you're more familiar with the phrase, I find it interesting.

You know, you know what they offer.

I went to their website.

Really, I found something cool that Rheem did before anyone else.

But I do know, and the only real thing I can actually find right now is that they have an oven with what seems to be a pretty high AFU rating, around 98.7%.

So I thought it was kind of cool, but yeah.

So if you think you know something that I don't, you know I don't know everything, then leave everything you know in the comments below and let's discuss, uh, maybe there is, because what I'm missing is them, Uh, a little bit about their facility and one of their things, more specifically, I'm talking about their heat pumps.

They do.

One of the few companies in the world that offers check valves for switching between heating and cooling modes.


So when you apply voltage to the check valve, the heat pump is now in heating mode.

I actually like to be completely honest with you.

You know, that's not all.

But I like it that way.

The reason is, let's say you know this rarely happens, but you know, it does.

On many other brands, if the switch valve coil fails, you are now in heat mode.

You know, many systems have some kind of reserve heat.


So I think it's helpful that you can still generate heat with the heater if the Roma or Ore product and coil fail.

You know, your backup heater, but you can also get air conditioning with that heat pump.

So, you know, that's one thing I can absolutely throw away.

So let's start with the brand itself.

So this is Rem, I'm not quite sure how this all works.

You know who's a big conglomerate that offers everything, you know owns everything that's negotiable, I'm not sure, well, it looks like they're either linked or owned by a brand called Paloma.

The only time I see Paloma in my head is when I've done it.

I have a water heater of this brand. There are not many suppliers of this brand in our area. That's kind of rude when we're talking about heating and air.

You know, they're pretty much the same, identical to each other.

So if one contractor comes to your house and tries to sell you a product and another contractor sells you yours you can compare apples to apples parts are interchangeable they are basically above is the same thing, but with a different label on the device.

Well, that's not uncommon either.

I mention it along with a few other brands in our videos.

I just wanted to make it clear to you that two different contractors marketing these two different brands are actually selling you the same thing.

Then you know they are actually related to some other brands, check wikipedia.

If you're wondering what brands are available, I'm not going to cover every brand I've seen in our area.


I've seen, well, I've come across this brand in my career.

Anyway, I don't know if this helps when comparing Rheem to another brand. All I can say is this store has my friends and they don't sell anything else.

You have your reasons.

I think these are valid reasons.

You know, if you have a contractor you want to sell, you can always ask them why? why are you selling this instead of something else? At Griffinaire, I always say we don't sell what we sell because my dad owns the business, or you know I inherited the business, or I bought the business, or I started Griffin Air from scratch and tried Multiple brands.

You know, we test them to make sure they meet our standards, and that's our decision.

So if you're talking to someone and they're talking about Rheem or Rough Stamps.

By the way, the way it's spoken is rude, uh, if you say it wrong, say, you know, rude or something like that, uh, they're going to be offended for some reason.

So you are rude.

So if someone is trying to rush you, whether it's being rude or trying to sell you something, ask them directly.

Why? Why this and not why, do you know anything else? So they can give you a good reason.

You know, I don't think so, I'll be making a video about it soon.

But I don't think one brand is better than the other in every market.

Well, I'll say it again: no one brand is better than the other in every market, and I'll give you a good example.

One of the brands we sell.

I did business with this supplier.

When I lived in Richmond for the company I worked for, it wasn't fun dealing with them.

I won't go into all the pros and cons, but let's just say they're not great, well, but they're not the way vendors work, they own their stores and then they franchise.

I guess.

So the provider we use here is much better and very responsive.

They're great, ugh.

You know, this is an example, maybe you have suppliers or even brands.

Some brands are simply not available in some markets.

You just don't get it.

So how can you say that in every market in the country this brand is the best you know, uh, rich, uh.

How can you say it is the best brand? You know it's available in every market in the country, but you know you can't even get it in that market? law? So if you're in a particular market, it's entirely possible that Riemann Roode or another brand is better than other brands in that market.

If that makes sense.

So one last thing, if you are looking for a new heating and air conditioning system, you should check out my new website. It's called "The New HVAC Guide" and I'll add a link in the comments.

But you have to check out this site. She is a celebrity. We have a website called "No Knows" that explains everything you should avoid when shopping for a heating and ventilation system. This is a complete guide where we will show you the whole process from step 1 to step 15.

We'll cover things like choosing a brand, choosing a contractor, and many other things that heating and air conditioning manufacturers don't even want you to know. In some cases, I will share with you on this site.

If you have any questions about the reviews, please ask them in the comments.

We're glad you hit the subscribe button.

Thank you so much.


What does H mean on furnace? ›

For instance, 0 means the unit is in standby, while H means the heat is on.

Is WeatherKing the same as Rheem? ›

Since 1988, WeatherKing has belonged to Rheem Manufacturing, a company well known for their HVAC systems and water heaters. Rheem also produces HVAC equipment under the brand name Ruud.

How old is my weather king? ›

The date of production/manufacture or age of Weatherking® HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate.

How do you read a WeatherKing model number? ›

Here's a rundown of the range you will encounter: 18 = 1.5 tons, 24 = 2 tons, 30 - 2.5 tons, 36 = 3 tons, 42 = 3.5 tons, 48 = 4 tons, and 60 = 5 tons. If you are unsure whether you have found the right two numbers, you can double-check it by looking for the “RLA” rating on the data plate.

What does H1 H2 and H3 mean on a heater? ›

H1 – Hydrogen blends ready, renewable liquid fuel ready and electric water heating equipment. H2 – Hybrid hot water systems – Including heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and electric. H3 – Market leading, Low GWP heat pumps.

What is H1 and H2 in heater? ›

A: H1 is LOW heat and H2 is HIGH heat.

Is Ruud or Rheem better? ›

Both Rheem and Ruud are comparable in function and features, but Rheem HVAC products tend to be quieter than Ruud products. Overall, Rheem will be considered the best value for the money when compared to Ruud, due to the quieter operation achieved by its double coil system.

How good is a weather king furnace? ›

Weatherking is a good furnace if it's installed properly. There's no way of comparing the two furnaces without you having the Trane model numbers, but your builder was probably going to install a basic Trane furnace. Have you hugged the Earth today? You will be fine with the 90rj series.

Are Ruud and Rheem the same? ›

Rheem Manufacturing Company is an American privately held manufacturer that produces residential and commercial water heaters and boilers, as well as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The company also produces and sells products under the Ruud brand name.

How long is the WeatherKing warranty? ›

Weather King warrants to the purchaser that their building is free of defects with regards to both craftsmanship and materials upon delivery, and will repair or replace any component that does not provide reasonable service under normal use for a period of five years (5) from the date of purchase of a new building.

What is the warranty on the Rheem weather King? ›

Your WeatherKing HVAC product comes with a five-year manufacturer's parts limited warranty. No registration is required in order to activate the manufacturer's limited warranty.

What company makes weather King? ›

WeatherKing operated independently until 1988, when it was acquired by Rheem, also a manufacturer of top-end HVAC equipment. Since then, WeatherKing has been functioning as a division of Rheem, continuing to produce quality heating and cooling units for residential use.

How do I find the age of my Rheem serial number? ›


Modern Rheem systems use two styles of date encoded in the serial number. Style 1 starts with a letter followed by the week and year of manufacture. W011012345 would be manufactured in January of 2010. Style 2 follows the letter in the middle of the serial number with the week and year of manufacture.

How do I find the age of my Ruud serial number? ›

How can I tell the age of a Ruud air conditioner or furnace from the serial number? Find the letter in the middle of the serial number. The first two numbers after it are the week of manufacture, and the third and fourth numbers after the letter are the year of manufacture.

What does HL mean on heater? ›

The Ft, HL error message mean that the unit is full of water and requires it to be drained. The drain hose is found on the back of the unit, unplug the stopper and drain your unit.

What is H1 H2 H3 and H4? ›

Here is a visual representation of the different tags within the hierarchy: H1 – Main Title. H2 – Subsection. H3 – Sub-Subsection. H4 – Sub-Sub-Subsection.

Is H1 same as H2? ›

It defines the second-level headings on your webpage. Like an H1 tag, an H2 tag also appears larger than the rest of your main body text. However, H2 tags are always slightly smaller than your H1 tag, so that it does not compete with your main heading.

What should be H1 and H2? ›

To break it down, remember: H1 = Main keywords and subject matter, what the overall post is about. H2 = Sections to break up content, using similar keywords to the H1 tag. H3 = Subcategories to further break up the content, making it easily scannable.

What does H1 and H2 stand for? ›

In short, H1 means the first half of the year and H2 means the second half of the year. Thus, H1 corresponds to January, February, March, April, May, and June. H2 corresponds then to July, August, September, October, November, and December.

What does the H stand for in H1 and H2? ›

The name H1, H2, H3 is a short form of representing font size and style in the HTML language. Separating in two parts to better understand the structure the H refers to the reduction of Heading Tags, which is a marker that calls this function in the code.

How long should a Ruud furnace last? ›

As long as you have scheduled annual furnace maintenance, it should easily last over 15 years. Just like your car, your older furnace may need some basic repairs. However, if the furnace is out of warranty, some people prefer buying a new model even before a minor repair is needed.

How long should a Ruud water heater last? ›

While today's water heaters are better designed than older models, they still require regular maintenance in order to prolong their lives. With regular inspection, draining, and flushing, you can expect a gas water heater to last anywhere from 8-12 years and an electric water heater to last anywhere from 10-15 years.

Is Ruud a good brand? ›

Ruud air conditioning can be a great choice if you're looking for a reliable air conditioner for your home at a reasonable price. Owned and operated by Rheem Manufacturing, this company offers split systems with air handlers, heat pumps, and condenser units at a great value compared to other units on the market today.

Which furnace lasts the longest? ›

In general, oil-fueled furnaces have the longest life expectancy, and gas-fired furnaces have the shortest.

What is the longest a furnace can last? ›

A well-maintained furnace can last at least 15 to 20 years, but completing annual maintenance and being diligent with repairs can extend its life even longer.

What is the highest rating furnace? ›

Lennox Furnaces

Fuel Efficiency Options: Up to 99% AFUE Rating, the highest efficiency rating across all furnace brands. Advanced Features: Lennox boasts that it has the most efficient HVAC system on the market and the quietest system available.

What is a good SEER rating? ›

A good SEER rating is typically 14 or higher.

The average efficiency rating for a central air conditioner in operation today is 16 but high energy-efficient models can have ratings as high as 23.

Is Rheem the best furnace? ›

Their furnaces are at the top of the list of best furnace brands, and they consistently receive good reviews from customers. They offer models for every climate and budget. Rheem furnaces will last for 20+ years when properly maintained. Rheem furnaces can serve spaces up to 2,500 square feet.

How reliable is the Ruud furnace? ›

Ruud Furnace Brand Review

Ruud Furnaces and HVAC offer incredibly reliable gas furnaces that are quite affordable. Though their warranty time frame is not as long as other furnace brands, they make up for it with lower priced replacement furnace units.

What is the warranty on Weather King AC units? ›

COMPRESSOR: If the compressor fails within a Warranty Period of Five (5) years, after the effective date, a replacement compressor will be furnished. HEAT EXCHANGER: If the heat exchanger fails during a Warranty Period of Ten (10) years after the effective date, WEATHERKING will furnish a replacement heat exchanger.

What is the average HVAC warranty? ›

First things first: Nearly all manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on their equipment no matter what. That's true whether your system is a Trane, Lennox, Rheem, or whatever brand. But for most brands, most of the time, that warranty extends to 10 years if you register the product.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Rheem? ›

In this putative multistate class action, Plaintiff alleges that Defendant Rheem Manufacturing Company (“Rheem” or “Rheem Manufacturing”) manufactured defective residential heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (“HVAC”) systems under the Rheem and Ruud brand names.

Does Rheem have a 10 year warranty? ›

Rheem's warranty is among the best in the industry generally ranging from 10 years limited parts to limited lifetime on major components. For some models, Rheem also offers an impressive 10 year or lifetime conditional unit replacement warranty.

What is the lifespan of Rheem? ›

Rheem Hot Water Lifepsan

However, like anything, they have a used by date. Rheem hot water systems have a typical life span of between 5 and 15 years depending on water conditions and how well the system has been serviced. You can add years to the life to a Rheem hot water system if you have it serviced every 5 years.

Is Rheem made in the USA? ›

It manufactures in Fort Smith, Arkansas; Montgomery, Alabama; Oxnard, California and Eagan, Minnesota. All manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Rheem operates a state-of-the-art Parts Distribution center in Randleman, NC and distribution facilities throughout the US and in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

What is the best weather company in the world? ›

IBM's The Weather Company Continues to Be the World's Most Accurate Forecaster Overall, Despite Growing Competition and Amid Weather's Increased Impact. - The Weather Company was over 3 times more likely to be the most accurate forecaster than other weather providers studied.

What brands are made by Rheem? ›

Rheem Manufacturing Company
RevenueUS$5 Billion (2021)
OwnerPaloma Industries
Number of employees10,000
DivisionsRheem, Rheem Water, Rheem Air, Ruud, Raypak, Prostock, Eemax, Intergas
10 more rows

What is the life expectancy of a Rheem 40 gallon gas water heater? ›

If you're looking into purchasing a Rheem Hot Water System, you can expect its average lifespan to be anywhere between 5-15 years. The main factor that will influence your Rheem's lifespan is how well you maintain and upkeep your system.

What do Rheem model numbers mean? ›

It will have a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 60 divided by 12 equals 5, so the data plate below indicates the system is 5 tons.

How old is my appliance by serial number? ›

The two letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made. Where is my model and serial number located? The first letter identifies the month. The second letter is the year.

Does Ruud have a 10 year warranty? ›

Ruud® is proud of the quality that goes into each one of our products – which is why we back them with up to a ten-year limited parts warranty.

What can you tell from a serial number? ›

Serial numbers help us keep track of products. We can use them to know when a product was made and shipped. This helps us keep our inventory more accurate. Serial numbers also allow you to track when things expire or need to be shipped.

How do I look up my serial number? ›

  1. Open Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and tapping the letter X. ...
  2. Type the command: WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER, then press enter.
  3. If your serial number is coded into your bios it will appear here on the screen.

Are Rheem and Weather King the same? ›

The WeatherKing brand of HVAC systems began in Florida in 1963. Since 1988, WeatherKing has belonged to Rheem Manufacturing, a company well known for their HVAC systems and water heaters. Rheem also produces HVAC equipment under the brand name Ruud.

How do you read a WeatherKing furnace serial number? ›

We know of two serial number formats for WeatherKing. For the first: look for the second cluster of digits in the serial number, and the 3rd and 4th number after the single letter is the year of manufacture. The month and year of production also stated clearly in the upper right of the data plate.

How often should you change furnace filter? ›

At Least Every 90 Days. Your furnace filter needs to be changed at least every 90 days (or cleaned, if you use a permanent filter). The filter has a dirty job – collecting airborne dust, hair, and other small particles so they don't harm your furnace's components.

What does H mean on a boiler? ›

Maintenance code – this begins with an H and will tell you that there is an issue that will not stop the boiler working but will need the attention of an engineer.

What does the H in the V stand for in HVAC? ›

Basically, the abbreviation quite literally stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.” For the most part, people easily grasp the concepts of heating and cooling the indoor environment.

What do the letters on a furnace mean? ›

Contrary to popular belief, the letters do not correspond to wire colors but rather are used to indicate the various function signals controlled by each wire.

What does BTU H stand for? ›

A British Thermal Unit (Btu) is a measurement of heat energy. One Btu is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Btus per hour (Btuh) is the benchmark used to estimate the capacity of heating systems, such as gas furnaces.

What happens if my boiler temperature is too high? ›

If your boiler is overheating, it will likely shut itself down, even if it's mid-programme, and may display an error code on the screen. This is also known as boiler lockout and is an imperative safety feature. Therefore, if your boiler keeps turning itself off, overheating may be the reason why.

What does L and F mean on a boiler? ›

Flashing L AND 1 Flow Temperature Overheat or No Water Flow + Ensure that all radiator valves are open Check that the water pressure to the boiler is at 1 to 1.5 BAR. View our video on how to top up your boiler pressure here.Reset the boilerIf this does not fix the problem, please contact us.

What is h2 boiler? ›

What is a hydrogen-ready boiler? A hydrogen-ready boiler is a gas-fired heating boiler which is capable of burning either natural gas or pure (100%) hydrogen. Hydrogen-ready boilers are the key to enabling conversion of the existing gas distribution networks from natural gas (which is mostly methane) to hydrogen.

Does AC go in H or L? ›

Locating the Low-Pressure Port

You'll recharge your AC through the low-pressure port. You should consult your owner's manual to be sure, but your vehicle will have a cap over the pressure ports. One cap is labeled "H" (for high pressure) and the other is labeled "L" (for low).

Do you put AC in H or L? ›

There are two ports on your air conditioner. You will add the refrigerant to the low-pressure line port, not the high-pressure line port. The low-pressure line has larger tubing than the high-pressure line, making it easy to distinguish between the 2. Sometimes they are labeled with “H” for high and “L” for low.

What is high voltage heating? ›

The electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. It converts DC electric power into heat with practically no losses.

What does K mean on a thermostat? ›

The K terminal on the thermostat can be used to operate both the fan and compressor on a single wire, and the module is designed to receive the signal from the K terminal, split that signal and re-route it to operate the compressor, and/or fan for normal operation.

What is the symbol for heating on AC? ›

The sun symbol represents HEAT mode. This is the opposite of the cool mode and is used to heat the room, usually during the cooler winter months. A teardrop or water symbol is used to show the DRY mode.

What letter is heat on a furnace? ›

The W wire is connected to your heating system. If your thermostat controls your heat, you will have a white wire. The Y wire is yellow and connects to your air conditioning compressor.

What is H in air conditioner? ›

Do you know what the 'H' in HVAC stands for? It means heating (HVAC- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).

What happens if BTU is too high? ›

A unit with too many BTU's, will cool the room fast, but leave the room humid. Too few BTU's will never cool the room down and the unit will run incessantly.

How many BTUh are required for 1 ton of cooling? ›

One ton of capacity is equivalent to 12,000 BTU per hour or 3.5 kW.


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