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      staff and salaries

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      Average salary in the first quarter of 2023

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      650 euros

      130 euros less
      Compared with the previous quarter

      Estimated sales per employee in 2023

      28770 euros

      16% increase over the previous year

      Projected profit per employee in 2023


      Compared with last year
      , no changes were found

      Q1 2023 Employees


      2 more per employee
      Compared with the previous quarter

      Employment taxes paid in the first quarter of 2023

      18069 euros

      Reduced by 4147 euros
      Compared with the previous quarter

      key person

      Yuri Atroshchenko

      Reputation Rating:2660

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      application display

      Scorebook Chrome Extension

      Storybook extension will show you on the website which company you are currently working for and how reliable that company is currently.downloadable extension

      Check out the background of the caller!The Storybook app brings youcontact directly400,000 Estonian companies and individuals (managers, civil servants). The data includes creditworthiness and financial information.

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