How much will a home air conditioner cost in 2022? (2023)

2022 Home Air Conditioner Price Update: According to media reports and confirmationown researchMaterial costs and other economic factors have caused prices to increase significantly since this page was last updated in 2020. Below are the revised prices for a fully installed home air conditioner. These prices are subject to change and, as always, consumers are encouraged to shop around and compare offers. If you are in a hurry, we recommendThis price comparison service(Updated April 12, 2022).

The UK isn't the hottest country in the world, but there could be more heatwaves ahead as weather around the world becomes more extreme.

Even if you have a greenhouse, you know how hot summer can be. Air conditioning is also available in attic conversions and south-facing rooms.

If you're thinking about installing an air conditioner in your home and wondering how much it will cost, you're in the right place.

In 2022 we looked at the cost of installing a home air conditioner and you can see the prices below.

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All in all, we think this site is the most comprehensive guide to home air conditioner prices and running costs through 2022, but we'll leave the judgment up to you.

Three types of home air conditioners to choose from?

When deciding which air conditioner to install, you have three options: freestanding air conditioners, wall-mounted air conditioners, and ducted systems.

independent unit

Freestanding air conditioners are very popular and are often seen in greenhouses.

Here are the pros and cons:

  • The cheapest of the three options.
  • Great for small spaces.
  • Portable so you can take it to another room.
  • Takes up valuable floor space.
  • Not as efficient as larger embedded systems.

Wall systems (also known as split systems)

Wall-mounted systems are by far the most popular option, and you've probably seen one before. The panel mounts near the ceiling of the room, usually well above head height, and has hoses connecting the unit to the outdoor fan.

Here are the pros and cons:

  • Very efficient (if you choose the right equipment for the size of the room).
  • Does not take up floor space.
  • Large fan units must be placed outside the house.
  • It's not as discreet as plumbing.

canal system

The channel system is the most expensive variant, but also the most discreet.

In this system, the fans are screwed to the outside of the house, but the outlets are directed to the ceiling rather than the wall.

The diagram below helps illustrate just how cautious this system is:

How much will a home air conditioner cost in 2022? (1)

Here are the pros and cons of this system:

  • The most discreet system.
  • There are many options, either a single room or multiple rooms divided into controlled areas.
  • Quietest of all systems.
  • Ideal for larger homes.
  • Not every house has space above the ceiling for this system (certain apartments).
  • Inexpensive, the system must be installed above the ceiling, and installation is disruptive.

Additional options to consider

Not every air conditioner has all of these options. This is rarely the case with the cheapest products. Therefore, choose your products carefully:

  • remote control.
  • timer so you can program the system ahead of time.
  • App access so you can cool down your home on the way home from get off work.
  • Quiet operating mode (so-called night mode), the system runs more quietly and efficiently.

Favorite place in the house

Here are the places consumers most often install air conditioners:

greenhouseIn summer, the weather can get very hot, sometimes unbearably hot. Blinds and fans can help, but they're not as effective as air conditioning.

bedroomis a very popular place to put the unit. If you have trouble sleeping on hot nights, choose wall or ductwork and check the decibel level of the unit before buying.

home officeA place where domestic workers work up to 10 hours a day. There are also computers and other devices that can heat up a room. Many home workers choose portable or wall-mounted systems.

Air Conditioning Cost Guide

The prices below are for fully installed air conditioners and do not include portable systems that do not require installation.

Split system with wall cabinets:

Soba noodles:Wall split system (as recommended by installer)
A unique system for small offices1750 lbs
Single system to larger double room upstairs2100 lbs
Two units, one in the double bedroom and one in the front living room3200 lbs
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Canal System:

Soba noodles:canal system
A unique system for small offices2500 lbs
Single system to larger double room upstairs2750 lbs
Two units, one in the double bedroom and one in the front living room3800 lbs
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about these prices: We have received offers from a select group of air conditioning installers and companies (big and small) in various locations across the UK. The figures given represent the average prices given to us, including statutory VAT. Compared to the last time we checked UK air conditioner prices in early 2021, we saw a significant increase in prices.

Please tell us your air conditioner price

As part of our home air conditioner price research, we asked previous visitors to the site how much it cost to install an air conditioner.

The answers are listed in the table below, feel free to add yours.

Martin F (Newcastle)I had my elderly mother install the air conditioner. 1 living room, 1 bedroom (2022)2600 lbs
Carr (Denbighshire)Greenhouse air conditioning and fans behind building corners (2021)1700 lbs
Keeley T (Portsmouth)One is downstairs and the other is in the master bedroom. (2020)2300 lbs
Daniel W (Hantz)Fans in bedrooms and fans outside (2020)£1800 s PDV om
Jerry (Cambridge)A four-room multi-split system (Daikin) runs through a five-story house. All indoor units require a lot of labor from water pumps and huge installation teams. The new electricity returns to the subscriber unit through the two-story house. This was a difficult and complex task, including the removal of the caps on the pipes and the intricate laying and concealment of the pipes. Much needed twelve work days and an electrician's day, plus individual rework by the client. Still, this is not a project for the faint of heart and requires proper professional supervision and expertise. (2019)8500 lbs
Rook (Edgware, London)We want to install one multi-split 27000 BTU smart inverter air conditioner and three 9000 BTU indoor units on one outdoor unit. Construction is in progress so installation will be easy. (2018)£2000
Lena (London)2 medium sized loft bedrooms with Mitsubishi appliances. There is a discount on this price. (2018)£3150 s PDV om
Bex (Dorset)Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 3.5kW Premium Bedroom Wall Mount Mount and Installation Materials by Independent Professional Installer (2018)2316 lbs
Ionic (Jungian)The best price for the wall panels in our new small greenhouse is £725 but the project itself costs around £450 so I shouldn't be paying anyone £275 just for a few hours of work to install it. I think I can try to incorporate it myself (2017)£725
Michael Arkwright (London)We need two rooms to be air-conditioned through outdoor units, but finding a suitable place to install the outdoor units is a problem for us. Our last home had air conditioning installed and it was very noisy, so I recommend your readers spend a little more and get a quieter system, especially if installing in a bedroom! (2017)£2400 (2 Zimmers)

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How long does it take to install?

How much will a home air conditioner cost in 2022? (2)The simplest systems are freestanding units that require no installation and work right out of the box, making them ideal for those who need air conditioning quickly.

A complete installation of the wall system usually takes about 4 to 5 hours. This includes cutting through the wall and installing the wall unit and outdoor fan.

Plumbing takes the most time, and in a four-bedroom home expect the job to take about a day, if not longer, depending on the difficulty of accessing the space above the ceiling. Work may include moving furniture, lifting rugs and re-plastering.

What about frequency and maintenance costs?

The fans in outdoor units can become clogged with dirt and leaves, reducing the efficiency of the system, so they need to be cleaned annually. Visual inspection will usually reveal any problems.

Refrigerant (refrigerant) in closed systems must also be topped up periodically. If the system runs out of coolant, not only will it fail to run, but the rubber hoses may crack and become brittle. The coolant acts as both a lubricant and a coolant.

With the UK's very breezy climate and the fact that buildings are rarely in constant use, you should not top up your air conditioner more often than every two years. If so, this could indicate a leak somewhere that should be investigated first rather than constantly adding coolant.

Air conditioners that are used frequently (offices) or located in heavily polluted areas (kitchens) should be serviced more frequently, usually twice a year.

We've found some installers online who have published their maintenance prices and the general price seems to be around £65 per unit for standard service, going up to £125 per unit for major service.

Calculator - Calculate how much energy you need

Thanks Derick for the tip: To ensure your air conditioner is effectively cooling a room, you must first consider the size of the room, the number of people, the location and size of windows, and the heat output of the unit.

try this handyunbiased calculator, which will give you the room's power rating. All air conditioners are listed in BTU, so you can easily see which one is best for your needs.

If you don't, your system could become overloaded, noisy, fail prematurely, or require more frequent maintenance.

current cost

To be fair, running an air conditioner isn't cheap, but there are steps you can take to reduce costs:

  • Buy the best equipment for the area that needs cooling. Too little power becomes difficult, and more powerful devices draw more power.
  • Air conditioners are a great option if you have solar panels. Operating costs are low during the day and even at night in summer.
  • Install zone systems for large areas and multiple rooms.
  • If the doors and windows are open, the air conditioner will always run at 100% power. considerbuy door lockFor automatic door closing.

If you want a rough guide to the cost of running an air conditioner,try this calculator

Will full air conditioning add value to my home?

With global warming and summers becoming more extreme and hotter, there is more demand for air conditioners today than at any time in history.

A professionally installed system is likely to appeal to many buyers and allow you to recoup some or all of your investment when you sell your home in the future.

The Best Fans You Can Buy

We've previously researched the best freestanding portable air conditioners and fans to buy online. While not as efficient as professionally installed home air conditioners, they are much less expensive.

Check out our guide to the best cooling fans here

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