Heat Pump Reviews and Prices Ruud 2022 (2023)

Heat Pump Reviews and Prices Ruud 2022 (1)

The quality and reliability of Ruud heat pumps are considered average or slightly above average. Ruud and Rheem heat pumps are the same - something you should know when comparing prices on bigger brand heat pumps.

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The cost of a Ruud heat pump

Note that Ruud manufactures heat pumps ranging in capacity from 1.5 tons (18,000 BTU) to 5 tons (60,000 BTU) in efficiency classes from 14 to 20 SEER, with four performance levels from single stage to variable capacity.

Therefore, the cost of installing a Ruud heat pump is approximately $4,400 to $12,350.

Detailed information on Ruud heat pump prices can be found below.

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The Ruud name came to America when Edwin Ruud immigrated from Norway and developed the first automatic water heater in 1889. In the 1950s, the company began developing heating and air conditioning systems.

In 1960, Ruud acquired Rheem, another well-known manufacturer of HVAC and other products. However, the Ruud line was retained and is now produced at the same factory as Rheem in Fort Smith, Arkansas. In 1988, Paloma Industries acquired the Rheem and Ruud brands.

Ruud HVAC products are considered great value for money because they combine good quality with reasonable prices. They don't have the quality level of a Trane or Carrier heat pump, and the peak efficiency numbers aren't as high, but the Ruud heat pump doesn't cost as much either.

Luther's Uniqueness

Ruud, like Rheem, has recently improved its functionality and performance. Below are highlights of what's available.

variable speed technology

Ruud variable speed heat pumps are 54% more efficient at cooling and 58% more efficient at heating than single stage heat pumps. Ruud's inverter drive technology is now widely used in the residential HVAC industry to provide precise heating and cooling.

There are 3 stages of technology

Besides Rheem, we are not aware of any other brands that also make three stage heat pumps. Most have single-stage, two-stage, and variable-power heat pumps.

The inverter-driven three-stage compressor allows heating up to 2.5°C, which is also unique.

Easier maintenance and repairs with triple access to PlusOne service

This is the industry's leading 15-inch wide-angle service access point. Removable corners with three fasteners provide easy access to indoor unit components for faster coil cleaning and easier enclosure assembly. Available on all units except Choice Series and side discharge units.

Economic Net

Most brands offer something similar in their midrange and high-end models. EcoNet systems and thermostats send you critical alerts and reminders to keep your systems running at their best. Plus, with WiFi, you can easily adjust your comfort settings at home or on the go. Compatible with Ruud Ultra and Achiever Plus series devices.

Equipment ten-year warranty replacement

This warranty is standard on Ultra and Achiever Plus series models, and is in line with most other leading brands. Many brands offer a unit replacement guarantee, which means that if the compressor or external heat exchanger fails, a new condensing unit will be provided, not just replacement parts.

other guarantees

Other warranties are average or shorter compared to competitors. The Achiever line comes with Ruud’s 10-year parts guarantee, while the Choice line offers a 5-year parts guarantee. Lennox is the only major brand to offer a five-year warranty on its cheapest devices.

Ruud Professionals

Known for its quality, affordability and reliability.

Wide range of models including space-saving side pop-ups.

The only brand (Rheem/Ruud) equipped with a three-stage compressor.

The EcoNet Smart Thermostat System offers popular wireless control.

Elegant cabinets with easy-to-reach corner panels facing each cabinet.

Luther Cons

Not the highest SEER rating in the HVAC industry. The most efficient models from most brands are above 20 SEER, and some are even between 24 and 28.

Entry-level heat pumps have shorter warranties.

Some consumers have experienced refrigerant leaks under extreme conditions.

Ruud's analysis of the heat pump model

Below is a quick reference table to help you compare important details of the different models. See the Product Settings and Features section for more details.

ModelSEER and HSPFcompressorklang
UP2020. and 11.5different speed58-73 decibels
UP1718.5 and 9.53 graduates66-75 decibels
Gore**H19 and 10.7variable rotation53-55 decibels
RP1616 and 9.02 graduates71-76 decibels
RP1515 and 9.01 phase73-76 decibels
RP1414 and 9.01 phase71-75 decibels
RP14**F14.5 and 8.51 phase73-76 decibels
WP14**A14. and 8.51 phase72-77 dB
WP14**F14. and 8.575-77 decibels

Ruud heat pump prices per model

Modelinstallation cost
UP20$9600 – $12350
UP17$8.300 – $11.550
Gore**H19 and 10.7
RP16$7600 – $10750
RP15$6100 – $8700
RP14**F$5400 - $7700
RP14$5000 – $7300
WP14**A$4800 - $7200
WP14**F$4400 - $6800

Product Line and Features

The Ruud heat pump range consists of four main series. Cooling capacities range from 18,000 BTU (1.5 tons) to 60,000 BTU (5 tons). Efficiencies range from 14 on the low end to 20 on the high end.

super series


Inverter Drive Variable Speed ​​Compressor

Cooling and heating efficiencies up to 20 SEER and 11.5 HSPF - ENERGY STAR

Enable EcoNet

Warranty: 10-year parts and 10-year conditional replacement

Serija Achiever Plus


three stage compressor

18.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF - ENERGY STAR

Enable EcoNet

Warranty: 10-year parts and 10-year conditional replacement

UP**H side pop up

Combined with RHMV******N Air Handling Units for acoustic and space-restricted solutions

Rotary compressor with variable speed inverter


Warranty: 10 years on parts

*Rheem does not provide

Winner Series


two-stage compressor


Laminate floors do not corrode and do not vibrate

Warranty: 10 years on parts


single stage compressor


Warranty: 10 years on parts


Phase A

14 SEER and 9 HSPF

Warranty: 10 years on parts


The RP14**F series is designed to achieve 14 SEER (for the dual fuel market) with only one coil and is suitable for PSC air conditioners.

single stage compressor

14.5 SEER and 8.5 HSPF

Warranty: 10 years on parts

select row


not available in canada

single stage compressor

14 SEER and 8.5 HSPF

Warranty: 5 years on parts


not available in canada

single stage compressor

14 SEER and 8.5 HSPF

Warranty: 5 years on parts

Prices and details communicated by the client

Make, Model and SizePricehometownoriginal size
Rudd RP1436AJ1NA 3 Ton System$4783Dawsonville, Georgia1800 square meters
The old unit was 14 years old and had a freon leak. It also needs a new burnt circuit board! $350.00 for repairs and 2 lbs of freon. He waived the fee when I agreed to the new system. Price includes a new thermostat. I think I made the right decision!
Luther worth 15 PJL$4750Hendersonville, North Carolina1900 square meters
This is actually my first time installing a heat pump. The device works very efficiently and has helped cut my electricity bill by almost half. I know contractors are the key to a quality installation. So I did some research and found a quality installation company. Three years later, the equipment is still running smoothly.
Luther Voort 13PJL$4550Kansas City, Missouri2200 square meters
Even though the unit has one of the lowest SEER values ​​among Ruud heat pumps, it is still impressive. My electricity bill has dropped drastically and it's all due to installing this heat pump. Make sure contractors don't install oversized equipment in your home. You end up paying more than you should. Be sure to do the calculations yourself to confirm their numbers.
Luther Super UPQL-JEZ$6800Harrisburg, Pennsylvania3000 square meters
I installed this unit as a replacement after my Goodman was completely broken. For two years, it works great. With the savings I have on my electricity bill, I will definitely be buying another Ruud.
Luther Voort 13PJL$4500Douglas, Kansas2000 square meters
This is a budget device. I don't think any other heater manufacturer offers such value for every purchase. Four years after installation, the unit works flawlessly. If I had replaced it, I reckon I'd have recouped my entire investment. I would definitely choose Ruud over other brands.
Luther Archer UPNL-AZ$7300Landrum, South Carolina3200 square meters
I installed a 4 ton unit a while ago. Since installing, I can confirm my account crashed. The real test of quality is whether the heat pump can reduce costs. While some brands are very quiet, the savings are hardly worth it. Four years later, my Ruud is still running smoothly.

How can I get the best price on Ruud heat pumps?

  • First, remember that installation quality is always the most important thing in a heat pump project. So, never compromise the quality of a contractor for a lower price.
  • Second, don't forget to searchLatest Tax Credits and Rebates
  • Third, get at least three offers before making a decision. you canClick here for 3 free estimatesReceived from your local contractor, this estimate already takes rebates and tax credits into account, and automatically filters out unqualified contractors.

Finally, remember to use the strategies in this guide when choosing the right contractor:Strategies Homeowners Use When Negotiating with an HVAC Dealerto get the final best price.

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions. We'll answer each question with practical advice.


The Ruud range of heat pumps offers consumers a choice of so-called "mid-range" models. Those who want the latest technology and wireless control will find it in the Ultra series, while those on a smaller budget will find high-quality equipment in the Achiever series. All in all, Ruud has enjoyed a solid position in the HVAC industry over the years and will no doubt continue to maintain this position for years to come.

Heat Pump Reviews and Prices Ruud 2022 (3)

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