Best Local Experiences in Vietnam | The Journey of a Local Hero (2023)

When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?

The best time to travel to Vietnam is our winter, from December to mid-April. It is not the rainy season, and Vietnam is not as hot as other months. In the north, the hottest time is from May to September, with a maximum temperature of 40°C. Therefore, it is the rainiest time in Vietnam. The higher the mountain, the colder it gets. It's also cool here from December to February, around 20 degrees Celsius, and it's really cold in the mountains. The southern and central highlands are warm year-round. Temperatures never drop below 20˚C, except in the mountains, where the mercury rises to 40˚C in the hottest months. August to November is the period of strong storms and typhoons in Vietnam. However, this is difficult to predict.

do i need a visaVietnam?

A visa is required to travel to Vietnam. fill out the form belowwebsiteFrom the Vietnamese embassy in The Hague orOltEmbassy in Brussels. Call us and come by (Monday, Wednesday or Friday 2pm-5pm) or send everything by registered mail: passport, forms, recent passport photo with paper clip and your name on the back, cash visa fee and Registered mail return postage. A 30-day visa costs €78 per person, or €90 per person in Belgium. Estimated processing time is 10 days. It is usually shorter, sometimes scheduled within an hour.

You can make things easier by applying for your visa online. This can be done entering the correct information, your visa will be sent to your home. So be sure to make arrangements in advance before going! The price of Vietnam e-Visa is 39.95 Euros and is valid for a maximum of 30 days.

You can also buy a visa upon arrival at Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi airports. You will need a power of attorney from your local hero and 2 passport photos. The cost is. Anyway, please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months when you leave Vietnam. It is always your responsibility to have valid and correct travel documents. It is best to check the embassy or consulate details before departure to ensure you have the correct and valid documents.

Are vaccinations required?Vietnam?

Vietnam does not require vaccinations. DPT and Hepatitis A vaccinations are recommended, be prepared and seek advice promptly (at least 6 weeks in advance). on the websiteLiquid crystal resistivity, the National Travel Advice Coordination Point, where you can find out more and find the organization closest to you. Vaccine prices vary, so it doesn't hurt to buy something, and many health insurance companies will reimburse a portion of the cost of the vaccine, so it's worth a try. Don't forget to take your vaccination records with you when you travel. If you stay in a yellow fever endemic country on the way to Vietnam, you must present the vaccination stamp when entering Vietnam. Vietnam has no risk of malaria except on Phu Quoc Island. But still be careful, don't be disturbed by mosquitoes. Wear long-sleeved protective clothing, especially at sunset, and spray with insect repellent regularly. If you go to Phu Quoc, you canLiquid crystal resistivityAdvice on malaria prevention. Tap water is not safe to drink, drink bottled water, available everywhere, usually in your hotel room.

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what is the time differenceVietnam?

Vietnam is 5 hours behind the Netherlands during our DST period. In winter it is 6 hours later.

is it safe insideVietnam?

Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world. Petty crime is rare and you can usually walk down the street at night without any problem. However, in a big city, don't respond to people who want a ride or drink. Instead of leaving documents and valuables in the room, put them in a safe so you don't have to take them all with you. Don't forget to get them out of the safe (or have them removed) in a timely manner.

Your safety as a passenger is of course the most important thing for Local Hero Travel. We and our local heroes, Vietnam travel experts, regularly check the current safety situation and applicable travel advisories in Vietnam and advise you if necessary. convince yourself inwebsiteMinistry of Foreign Affairs.

What am I wearing?Vietnam?

Vietnam is a big country from north to south. Somewhere it will always rain. Cheap ponchos are everywhere. Be aware that northern Vietnam can get cold quickly, especially in the higher parts of the country. The climate in southern Vietnam is mostly tropical, warm and humid. A sweater, which also came in handy with the roar of the air conditioner, came in handy. The Vietnamese are quite conservative: clean, full, decent clothing is very important to them. When visiting churches, temples or pagodas, wear long trousers and don't go into town in beachwear.

How do I pay?Vietnam?

In Vietnam, you can pay in Vietnamese Dong (VND). To get an idea, you can go toOltAlready looked at the conversion rate. When exchanging euro notes for cash, the 50 and 100 denomination notes give the best exchange rates. You can also withdraw money anywhere in Vietnam by using an EC card with the Cirrus logo at most ATMs. It's always a good idea to keep a few euros or US dollars in cash with you for emergencies, such as when an ATM is out of order. Don't forget to upgrade your bank card to "Asia", otherwise you will not be able to withdraw money.

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Major hotels, shops and restaurants in Vietnam are increasingly accepting credit cards. Recommended Visa and Mastercard, American Express is best not. Always place the pushpin in a well-lit area, preferably in daylight, and preferably inside a bank building. Don't ask anyone to help or check and ask for a receipt.

Which plug do I need?Vietnam?

Sockets in Vietnam use 220 volts. You need a world plug, usually 2 fine pins, US system. The streets are sometimes poorly lit, so it makes sense to keep a small flashlight handy.

a time travelVietnam?

Longer distances in Vietnam are usually covered by trains and planes. If you're going by train, make sure you have water and snacks and a light sweater. In the cities there are taxis, bike taxis and you can even get on someone else's moped: super cheap Vietnam... Renting a bike, around $5-10 a day, is a great way to get around the countryside or explore the city. Check that the brakes are in good condition.

book yourself

Today, you can easily book an international flight directly with an airline or by yourself on one of the airline's ticketing websites. For example * see:
-cheap website

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*As such, international flights are not part of your itinerary booked with us. The above links are for your reference, we will not monetize them.

Please note the following:

* Enter your full name and (maiden) surname correctly. Changes later to correct mistakes, even just one letter, cost extra.
* You pay the full amount immediately, usually via iDeal or credit card. So please make sure this amount is in your account before booking.
*You will receive your tickets by email immediately after booking. Check it for errors now.
*Tickets come with conditional information and an accompanying letter with information.
* Data is sent to your localHero immediately after booking, even if there is a change.

you fly to

Most tourists go to Hanoi. You can also take the route in reverse order, so start with Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately there are no direct flights, you always need to connect.


If you fly directly to Bangkok, you can fly to Hanoi and/or Ho Chi Minh City on AirAsia, Asia's largest low-cost carrier. They usually offer low prices. Note that cancellations are usually not possible and free baggage allowance is limited. Also useful if you are merging multiple countries in Southeast Asia.


A return ticket will cost at least 800 to 900 euros. Cheap flights start at around €700, especially during pre-season in May/June. There are cheaper options, but you have to change trains, it takes a long time, and the risk of delay is higher. A quick calculation of 1000 euros during peak hours. In high season, €1,100 is no exception. Booking in advance pays off.


Most travelers fly direct to Bangkok with AirAsia, China Airlines or KLM, or Singapore Airlines direct to Singapore and from there to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. For example, other airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways fly via Dubai, Doha and Malaysia.

outside of

* Almost all airlines arrive one day late (night flights). Keep this in mind when planning your day.
*Your localHero is responsible for the connection to the land portion of your flight. If you're going to be late, even if you're a seasoned traveler, it's nice to have your transfer and hotel already arranged.
*In addition to price, flight time and connecting time are also important. Try to fly as straight as possible, more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

cutting edge

* It is best to book flights as early as possible, even in low seasons such as Christmas or summer holidays.
*Because many companies will check their capacity on the Monday after the weekend as needed. Adjust your prices and the page will be updated with the new prices on Monday evening or Tuesday.
*Pay attention to special promotional periods, eg KLM Week.
*You can usually book a good and cheap direct flight from Brussels or Dusseldorf. Check the flight page for options.

domestic flight

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Typically, your Local Hero will arrange the necessary domestic flights on your route. This is helpful because the weather can sometimes change a lot in the months between booking your Vietnam family trip and the trip itself. For example, your Local Hero can track them instantly, process them on your itinerary and display the scheduled pickup time.

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How was Ho Chi Minh a hero? ›

Among the 20th century revolutionaries, Ho Chi Minh waged the longest — and in terms of human lives sacrificed, the costliest — battle against colonial power. The forces he led fought and defeated the Japanese, the French and finally the Americans in his fight for Vietnamese independence.

What is the most popular place that the Vietnamese people would like to visit? ›

Ha Long Bay

Located in northern Vietnam approximately three hours from Hanoi sits the UNESCO-listed paradise. This is the country's most famous attraction that often puts them on the international radar.

What one place in Vietnam would you recommend for a tourist to visit why? ›

Ho Chi Minh or Saigon is an absolute MUST if you're in Vietnam. As it's Vietnam's biggest city, you'll likely land here and it's definitely worth sticking around for a few days to explore.

What Vietnam is famous for? ›

Vietnam is famous for natural landscapes like Ha Long Bay, refreshing Vietnamese cuisine, and its interesting colonial history. As a cultural South East Asian country, Vietnam is known for its thousands-year-old history and heritage.

Who was Vietnam best hero? ›

Giáp is often credited with North Vietnam's military victory over the United States and South Vietnam.
Võ Nguyên Giáp
Born25 August 1911 Lệ Thủy, Quảng Bình, French Indochina
Died4 October 2013 (aged 102) Hanoi, Vietnam
Political partyCPV (1931–1992)
29 more rows

Why Ho Chi Minh is a hero of Vietnam? ›

Ho Chi Minh led a long and ultimately successful campaign to make Vietnam independent. He was president of North Vietnam from 1945 to 1969, and he was one of the most influential communist leaders of the 20th century. His seminal role is reflected in the fact that Vietnam's largest city is named for him.

What are the most important things in Vietnamese culture? ›

Vietnamese Values

The Vietnamese people value humility, restraint, and modesty. Avoid being boastful or showing off wealth. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon so try to avoid touching people of the opposite sex. Dress conservatively and keep your body covered.

What do Vietnamese people value the most? ›

Vietnamese cultural values emphasize the importance of family and community. Its core values, which embrace the principles of Confucianism, are harmony, duty, honor, respect, education and allegiance to the family.

Which places in Vietnam do you think are the most interesting for visitors? ›

12 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam
  • Dalat[SEE MAP]
  • My Son[SEE MAP]
  • Phu Quoc[SEE MAP]
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park[SEE MAP]
  • Ho Chi Minh City[SEE MAP]
  • Mekong Delta[SEE MAP]
  • Nha Trang[SEE MAP]
  • Sapa[SEE MAP]
Feb 20, 2023

How do I travel like a local in Vietnam? ›

How to Travel like a Local in Vietnam
  1. Cook Vietnamese food with your own hands. ...
  2. Make spring rolls on a Halong Bay cruise. ...
  3. Try classic and tasty street food. ...
  4. Learn the great heritage of Hoi An – lantern making. ...
  5. Take a fisherman eco-tour in Hoi An. ...
  6. Cycle through rural life in Hue. ...
  7. Shop for souvenirs in local markets and streets.

Do US citizens need a visa for Vietnam? ›

Do United States Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam? Yes. All US citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam for business or leisure trips.

Is Vietnam good for American tourists? ›

Overall, Vietnam is considered a safe country for tourists. While it is always important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings, Vietnam is a wonderful destination that offers a wealth of cultural, scenic, and culinary experiences.

What are 3 interesting facts about Vietnam? ›

10 Interesting Facts About Vietnam [Country Spotlight]
  • The national language is Vietnamese. ...
  • Vietnam has the world's largest cave! ...
  • A spiritual country, Vietnam is full of amazing temples. ...
  • Vietnam is the world's 14th largest country. ...
  • Motorbikes rule in Vietnam. ...
  • Pale skin is preferred. ...
  • Many Vietnamese words come from Chinese.
Jun 13, 2018

Who is the first Vietnamese hero? ›

Tran Hung Dao, original name Tran Quoc Tuan, also called Hung Dao Vuong, (born 1229? —died 1300, Van Kiep, Vietnam), figure of almost legendary proportions in Vietnamese history, a brilliant military strategist who defeated two Mongol invasions and became a cultural hero among modern Vietnamese.

Who was the most decorated hero of Vietnam? ›

Sergeant First Class Jorge A. Otero Barreto (born 7 April 1937), a.k.a. "the Puerto Rican Rambo" and "Sergeant Rock", is a former United States Army soldier. He earned 38 military decorations during his career, and has been called the most decorated U.S. soldier of the Vietnam War.

Who was a hero in the Vietnam War? ›

His name is Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper, and not only was he a hero in the Vietnam War; he is also the most decorated soldier in American international combat, even eclipsing both York and Murphy. Joe Ronnie Hooper was born on August 8th, 1938 in Piedmont, South Carolina.

Why is Uncle Ho famous? ›

Known as “Uncle Ho,” he would serve in that position for the next 25 years, becoming a symbol of Vietnam's struggle for unification during a long and costly conflict with the strongly anti-Communist regime in South Vietnam and its powerful ally, the United States.

Why Ho Chi Minh was good? ›

Among 20th-century statesmen, Ho Chi Minh was remarkable both for the tenacity and patience with which he pursued his goal of Vietnamese independence and for his success in blending Communism with nationalism. From his youth Ho espoused freedom for the French colony of Vietnam.

Is Ho Chi Minh a villain or a hero? ›

One of the most “prominent” figures in Vietnamese history has to be Ho Chi Minh. He is the man who established the Viet Minh group, and later on the Viet Cong. His reason for creating the Viet Minh was to expel the French colonists from Vietnam, ending their 80 years of occupation.

Who is Ho Chi Minh and why is he important? ›

Hồ Chí Minh (Ho Chi Minh) was President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam from 1945-1969. He was the founder and leader of the Vietnamese communist movement.

Was Ho Chi Minh a national hero? ›

There is perhaps no greater hero to Vietnam than Ho Chi Minh. He is remembered primarily for his lifelong battle against great odds to build an independent and unified Vietnam. Saigon, the former capital of South Vietnam, was renamed Ho Chi Minh City in his memory after its capture by North Vietnamese forces in 1975.


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