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The economy of the Bahamas is dominated by tourism, services and financial services. It has one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean. Most foreign-made products have limited markets and strict import restrictions. The Bahamas has high standards of health and education services. The cost of living in the Bahamas is similar to the United States.

Currency The Bahamian dollar is pegged 1 to 1 to the US dollar. The areas with the highest cost of living in the Bahamas are the most touristy Nassau and Grand Bahamas. Housing costs in the Bahamas are very high, even in the smaller towns. The average price for a rental property is $1400 – $1800, also depending on the area and size. Food prices are lower, and renting apartments and houses can be expensive.

Cost of living estimates in the Bahamas

Total living expenses for two people in the Bahamas is the average monthly expenses1665.33 Dollar, not including rent.Click here to calculate a cost of living estimate for The Bahamas

You can calculate the cost of living in Bahamas by changing the quantity of the entries next to each good or service. The result total is displayed in a floating box at the bottom of the screen.

restaurant prices

Visitors to the stunning Bahamas will not be disappointed when it comes to dining options. From exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy beach cabanas, visitors of all shapes and sizes will find something to satisfy their taste buds. Many restaurants are known for their international fusion dishes based on traditional island flavors and local seafood. Since the Bahamas is known for its lively nightlife, foodies can indulge in late night treats.

In addition to restaurants, travelers can also explore legendary bistros, gourmet restaurants and family hangouts. Street food is also a popular attraction, especially near tourist areas. Here, diners will find some of the best cuisine on the island, from conch fritters to classic coconut curry. Best of all, many of the dishes here are accompanied by a soundtrack of local music and atmosphere that only enhances the experience.

eat at an inexpensive restaurant


Meal for 2, traditional restaurant, 3 courses


McDonald's McMeal or other combo meals


Domestic beer, 0.5 liter casks




Coca-Cola Mund od. 0,33l



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market price

Market prices in the Bahamas vary widely depending on the type of goods and services purchased. In general, prices for items such as produce and staple foods are very affordable, and prices can change depending on the time of year or demand for these items. Consumers looking for ready-to-eat meals, household items, or higher-value items are likely to pay higher prices for these types of items.

The economy of the Bahamas is directly affected by tourism, which affects market prices for goods and services. Generally speaking, prices of goods and services in tourist areas may be higher than in other areas. For those looking to save a little extra, buying outside of tourist areas or during off-peak hours can save customers a lot of money.

Water, 0.33 liter bottle


Milk, normal, 1 liter


Fresh white bread, 0.5 kg


White rice, 1 kg


eggs, 12 packs


Local cheese, 1 kg


Chicken breast, boneless, skinless, 1 kg


Beef shank or equivalent red shank, 1 kg


Apples, 1 kg


Bananas, 1 kg


oranges, 1 kg


Tomatoes, 1 kg


Potatoes, 1 kg


Luke, 1 kg


lettuce, 1 head


Water, 1.5 liter bottle


bottle of wine, moderate price


Domestic beer, 0.5 liter bottle


Imported beer, 0.33 liter bottle


pack of cigarettes


Transport prices

The Bahamas offers a variety of transportation options. Traveling from island to island is easy with a ferry service that offers beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. Taxis and car rental services are readily available on the most populous islands for quick and easy travel, while other, more remote islands offer visitors the opportunity to explore and experience unique landscapes and cultures.

For those looking to make the most of their Bahamas vacation, a boat charter or yacht charter can offer luxury and convenience. Offering unforgettable excursions and cruises where you can enjoy beautiful turquoise waters, coral reefs and beautiful beaches. Guided tours on the island also offer visitors the opportunity to learn about different places, which vary in terms of culture, food, architecture, and more.

One-way ticket, local transport


Monthly ticket, regular price


Taxistart, Normaltarif


Taxi, price per kilometer, normal rate


Taxi, price for 1 hour wait, normal rate

30.30 sets$

gasoline, 1 liter


Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (or new equivalent)

40,400.00 there$

Honda Civic 1.6 or replacement new car



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Additional monthly price

In the Bahamas, utility costs vary by island and region. In general, electricity and water rates are higher than in the US, and some islands have higher electricity rates than others. Internet service prices may vary by service provider and package purchased.

When planning your trip to the Bahamas, be sure to research utility and internet costs by island and region to ensure you have an accurate budget. Research also gives you the opportunity to find the service provider that best suits your needs.

Basic services for 85 sqm apartment including electricity, heating or cooling, water and trash


Local prepaid mobile plans, price per 1 minute, no discounts or tariffs


Internet, 60 Mbit/s or higher, unlimited data, cable/ADSL


Athleisure Prices

The Bahamas has some of the best sports and entertainment in the world for all ages and interests. From famous marlin and totoaba fishing to sailing, parasailing and windsurfing, the waters are teeming with sports and recreation enthusiasts. Play a round of golf at some of the best golf courses, go horseback riding on beautiful beaches, or explore the island by jet ski or kayak. With such beautiful backgrounds, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

The Bahamas is also home to award-winning spas and salons that offer visitors opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. Browse the many souvenir shops and galleries that line the street, and enjoy a lively nightlife and fun-filled festivals like Junkanoo. Nature is a big part of the Bahamas, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy stunning coral reefs and some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. For animal lovers, the Bahamas has some of the most desirable and exotic wildlife species in the Caribbean.

Health Club, monthly fee for 1 adult


Tennis court rental, 1 hour on weekends


Salary and financing prices

Salaries and funding in the Bahamas are similar to those in the US and Canada. The country's consumer price index ranks among the top in the region, but wages are on par with other Caribbean countries. The average annual salary for a full-time employee in the Bahamas is around $5,700, with most salaries covering basic expenses like room and board.

Financing options in the Bahamas include a variety of banks, credit card issuers, and traditional and specialty loan products. The banking sector in the Bahamas has grown rapidly in recent years, increasing credit and borrowing opportunities. Recent investments in tourism and related industries have created additional economic opportunities for Bahamian locals and visitors alike.

movie ticket, 1 seat


Average monthly net salary after taxes


Mortgage rate percentage, 20-year fixed rate, annual fixed rate


nanny price

Prices for babysitting in the Bahamas vary by the type of school and daycare. In general, private institutions that offer luxurious facilities and various teaching services are relatively expensive. In contrast, public schools and kindergartens are usually cheaper and have simpler facilities.

Each school and daycare center in the Bahamas has its own fees and prices, which can vary by region and by the age of the child. Depending on the educational institution chosen, parents should pay for registration fees, meals and snacks. Typically, schools and kindergartens offer comprehensive educational programs and lessons for children and provide recreational activities and resources.

Private preschool or kindergarten, 1 child per month


International Primary School, 1 child per year


Prices of clothing, shoes and hats

Clothing and shoes prices in the Bahamas can vary depending on which store the customer visits. Department stores and luxury boutiques offer the most fashionable and luxurious clothing and shoes, but some of these items can be expensive. For those looking for cheaper options, discount stores and outlet stores are a great way to find good deals.

Bahamian shoppers have a variety of options when it comes to finding and purchasing the perfect dress and shoes for any occasion. From luxury boutiques to department stores and discounters, shoppers can browse and buy what they want in person or online. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and offers customers the added convenience of quick and easy price comparisons.

A pair of jeans from chains like George, H&M, Zara, etc.


Summer dresses from chains like George, H&M, Zara and more.


A pair of running shoes, mid-priced


A pair of leather business shoes


monthly rent

Short term accommodation and rental options in the Bahamas are perfect for short island getaways. There are many accommodation options such as villas, guesthouses and villa resorts that offer luxurious yet compact living spaces. The Bahamas offers the perfect vacation for every budget, and an array of amenities like swimming pools, beach access and on-site restaurants make it perfect for those looking for a stress-free vacation.

No matter how you choose to stay, the Bahamas offers plenty of open spaces, tropical vistas and activities for all types of travelers. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a relaxing getaway, the Bahamas has something for everyone. With so many to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone, no matter the budget.

Centrally located studio


Studio apartment outside the city center


Three-Bedroom Apartment in the City Center


Three-Bedroom Apartment Outside the City


Prices of apartments for sale

If you've been thinking about buying property in the Bahamas, you can be glad you did. With a variety of purchasing and ownership options, there is something that fits your budget, from buying a beachfront property to investing in a long-term rental property. First-time home buyers will find a multitude of entry-level homes, single-family homes, and villas at competitive prices, and international buyers can take advantage of special offers and financing for larger investments.

For those looking for the ultimate home of luxury and elegance, there are condominiums in some of the most exclusive areas and resorts in the Bahamas. No matter what you're looking for in terms of style and price, the Bahamas has options for all types of homebuyers, making it the perfect location for your new home or rental investment.

Price per meter2Buying an apartment in the city center


Price per meter2Buying an apartment outside the city center


Cost of Living in Bahamas Cities

  • free port
  • Nassau
  • pirate well
  • a pleasant corner
  • spanish fountain
  • dessert island
  • west end
  • Takaiwa
  • swamp port
  • new providence
  • Eleuthero
  • a fresh stream
  • Alice Town
  • andros island
  • graduate duncan
  • albert town
  • Lucaya
  • Governor's Arch
  • freetown
  • atlantis
  • Paradise Island


How much does it cost to live comfortably in the Bahamas? ›

Summary of cost of living in Bahamas: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 4,599.7$ without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,307.4$ without rent. Cost of living in Bahamas is, on average, 23.2% higher than in United States.

How much is monthly rent in the Bahamas? ›

What is the average rent in The Bahamas? The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,250/month across the entire country (though you may be able to find studios for $1,000/month). This number is skewed slightly by higher costs near the cities and popular neighborhoods of Nassau and Freeport.

What is the average cost of a house in the Bahamas? ›

Ansell's agency, the average sale price across the Bahamas in 2020 was $359,079, with 3,179 homes listed for sale. In the first six months of 2021, the average price was up to $628,887, with 2,244 homes listed, a spike that reflected the surge of pent-up demand after transactions lagged for so long.

How much is enough for the Bahamas in a week? ›

In general, a 3-day & 2-night Bahamas trip cost around $800 for one person. For a family of four, the average Bahamas trip cost is about $630 per day. Overall, the total budget for a week's trip should be around $5500, considering the flight, transport, food, entertainment and souvenirs🤔.

Can a US citizen live full time in the Bahamas? ›

Unless your permanent residence status is for some reason revoked, you are free to work and live in the Bahamas as long as you wish, although you do not have the right to vote.

How much money do I need to retire in the Bahamas? ›

To get a retirement visa in the Bahamas, there are a couple of options. The first is to purchase a property in the Bahamas worth over half a million U.S. dollars, then apply for permanent residency. The second option is to purchase a property in the Bahamas then apply for an Annual Homeowner's Card.

Can a US citizen buy a house in the Bahamas? ›

Is it possible for a non-Bahamian to purchase property in The Bahamas? Yes. Overseas Investors may acquire residential properties in The Bahamas of up to five acres without prior Government approval. Such acquisitions are required to be registered in accordance with the International Persons Landholding Act.

How much is property tax in Bahamas? ›

The first $300,000 on owner occupied residential property is tax exempt. On the value of owner/occupied properties between $300,000 and $500,000, the rate is 0.625% per annum of the market value. On the portion over $500,000 the tax rate is 1% per annum of the market value of the property.

What months are cheap to go to Bahamas? ›

Low season, August to November, is best for budget travelers

Fall is the cheapest time to visit the Bahamas. Flights, hotel and resort rates during low season can stretch your budget farther, and you'll likely still find plenty of beach days in between rain showers.

Can you do the Bahamas cheap? ›

While the Bahamas are known for being expensive, there are plenty of budget-friendly activities too. Case in point, while an all-inclusive resort with two swim-up bars may cost a pretty penny, the beaches are always free and some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Are groceries expensive in the Bahamas? ›

Keep in mind though, that no matter where you go, grocery shopping in the Bahamas is not cheap. If you're a drinker, buy beers by the pack or buy a bottle of local rum and chasers, rather than spending all your money at a bar. If you don't mind the occasional unhealthy option, pick one of the fast-food options.

What is the average cost of a hotel room in the Bahamas? ›

The average price is $516.

How can I legally live in the Bahamas? ›

Permit To Reside
  1. Letter of request addressed to the Director of Immigration.
  2. $200.00 non-refundable processing fee (payable by cash, credit/debit card, postal money order or bank certified cheque)
  3. Duly completed First Schedule Form 1 application with $10.00 Bahamian postage stamp affixed thereon (legible and notarized)

Do U.S. citizens pay tax in Bahamas? ›

US expats living in the Bahamas only need to file their US tax returns and do not have to worry about filing a Bahamas tax return since the country does not impose an income tax on residents or non-residents.

Do I have to pay US taxes if I live in The Bahamas? ›

In general, yes — Americans must pay U.S. taxes on foreign income. The U.S. is one of only two countries in the world where taxes are based on citizenship, not place of residency. If you're considered a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident, you pay income tax regardless where the income was earned.

How long can you stay in The Bahamas with a US passport? ›

American passport holders do not require visas to enter The Bahamas for a maximum duration stay of up to eight (8) months.

What is the cheapest Caribbean island to live on? ›

Most islands in the Caribbean have higher than expected utility costs. The Dominican Republic, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama have the cheapest cost of living in the Caribbean.

What is the old age pension in the Bahamas? ›

What is the Old Age Non-Contributory Pension (OANCP)? Old Age Non-Contributory Pension is a payment made to a Bahamian resident who is 65 years old or older, who does not qualify for Retirement Benefit, and who has been assesed as being needy based on the "Test-of-Resources."

What is the downside to living in the Bahamas? ›

The cons of living in Nassau include the high crime rate, limited job opportunities, and the fact that the city can be quite expensive for tourists. Additionally, the infrastructure is not as developed as other Caribbean cities, and the public transportation system is not as reliable.

How long does it take to buy a house in The Bahamas? ›

Once approval is secured, your realtor and attorney will take the required steps to schedule closing. There are often many parties involved in the closing so it typically takes at minimum one to two weeks following approval for closing. In total, the process from accepted offer to close can take between 30 and 90 days.

Do you need a passport for The Bahamas if you live in the US? ›

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas.

Is it easy to buy a house in The Bahamas? ›

The benefits of owning property in The Bahamas are numerous and include tax benefits, lifestyle benefits, and more. Buying property in The Bahamas can be easy and straightforward—all you need is patience, persistence, and a great real estate team that can show you Nassau to The Exumas and more.

How much is property insurance in the Bahamas? ›

Q: What does homeowners insurance cost in the Bahamas? A: Anticipate annual costs of approximately 1% of the replacement value of the home (excluding land) plus all valuables insured.

What are the legal fees for buying a house Bahamas? ›

What are the real estate Legal Fees in the Bahamas? Legal fees can vary, but average around 2.5% of the selling price of the property. There is also a small recording fee when the title deeds are recorded at the Public Registry. Buyer and Seller are normally responsible for their own attorney fees.

What are the tax benefits of moving to the Bahamas? ›

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas owes its tax haven status to its tax- and business-friendly laws for foreign investors. This is because citizens of the Bahamas and resident aliens pay no taxes on personal income, inheritance, gifts, or capital gains.

What is the safest Bahama island to live? ›

The Abacos are considered some of the safest islands in The Bahamas and are known for being family-friendly. The Abaco Islands have only a population of around 17,000 and are made up of Great Abaco, Little Abaco, and several smaller barrier cays.

What part of Florida is most like the Bahamas? ›

Check out these tropical destinations in Florida that offer Caribbean vibes closer to home.
  • 8 Marco Island.
  • 7 Anna Maria Island.
  • 6 Panama City Beach.
  • 5 Hollywood Beach.
  • 4 Destin Beach.
  • 3 Dry Tortugas National Park.
  • 2 Punta Gorda.
  • 1 Captiva Island.
May 19, 2023

Is it cheaper to live in the Bahamas or the US? ›

How expensive is the Bahamas compared to the US? The higher cost of living in the Bahamas are due to the fact that most goods need to be imported, and all of these items are taxed, when they arrive and clear customs. Unlike the US, there is no income tax in the Bahamas.

Is it expensive to buy a house in the Bahamas? ›

The average price of real estate in The Bahamas is about USD 3 million. But don't feel discouraged if that's outside your budget. The substantial amount of high-priced luxury real estate raises the national average home price.

Is it a good idea to retire in the Bahamas? ›

Financial Benefits of Retiring in The Bahamas

Unlike the United States, becoming a permanent resident of the Bahamas will mean that you are not subjected to paying income taxes, capital gains taxes, or inheritance taxes. Additionally, residents of the Bahamas are not required to pay corporate taxes or business taxes.


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