5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (2023)

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (1)

With winter just around the corner, the importance of heat pumps is proven more than ever. A heat pump acts as a combined heating and air conditioning system.

They work by basically extracting heat from inside the house and transferring it outside to circulate cooler air. Most of the time it is turned on next to the gas range to distribute the heat load.

As mentioned above, heat pumps are very important to a home. If you're looking for one, you should probably take a look at the best and worst heat pump brands so you know which ones to choose based on your needs and preferences.

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (2)

The 5 Worst Heat Pump Brands

Like everything else, heat pumps are not all built the same. Searching reviews is very important for getting the best heat pumps. In this section, we take a look at some of the worst heat pump brands.

The list is based on customer reviews from major online stores and rating platforms, as well as ratings from Consumer Reports.

1.Lennox International

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (3)

As one of the most recommended brands, it might come as a surprise that Lennox makes this list.

Although they have a large market coverage, the main complaint from customers is the shelf life of the products.

Most reviews point out that their heat pumps are easily damaged compared to other brands.

Current problems also exist in the production and sale of small parts that cannot be reached by customers. Consumers say they face high repair and maintenance costs as a result.

It is the parent company of other brands such as Air Ease, Armstrong Air and Ducane. Surprisingly, these companies have higher efficiency ratings than Lennox itself.

2.american star

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (4)

This is considered one of the top heat pump brands in the US, but just because it's popular means it's very efficient. The brand's main consumer issue is not reliability but overall performance.

It is well known for its efficiency in providing basic heating, ventilation and air conditioning functions. However, its energy efficiency rating is only 13-14 SEER, which according to Consumer Reports would be the lowest rating for an HVAC product.

This SEER range also means higher energy bills. This is unavoidable in reviews of this brand.


5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (5)

The brand is known for its many years of use and has gained popularity in the market for its branded HVAC products. However, they are also gaining popularity as one of the least reliable heat pump brands in the market.

A recent report revealed that the Ruud brand has many problems with heat pump failures. This has had a major impact on their position in the heat pump market.

In fact, it is said that the brand will need a major revamp, with reliability and quality as its top priorities, before it can return to the market. According to Consumer Reports, it could take a few years for the heat pump brand to make a comeback.


5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (6)

This is no different from Ruud, which is his parent brand after all. This might be one of the most popular brands when it comes to heaters and stoves, but complaints about performance and overall reliability have ruined their reputation. Reviews even cruelly say that the fruit does not fall very far from the tree.

Like Luther, they took a break from the heat pump. They focus on improving the performance and reliability of their products as most of the complaints come from their loyal customers.

It's too early to tell if they'll improve, but as for the ratings, they're currently being revised.


5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (7)

The brand focuses on affordability rather than efficiency, noise levels and reliability. Unlike other brands, we don't recommend this at all, as their construction isn't solid, or they can break at any time considering the price.

Nordyne is popular with HVAC installation teams, but is not guaranteed for long-term use. Strong criticisms of this complaint are common, so read them carefully before considering this brand.

The 7 Most Trusted Heat Pump Brands

On the other hand, there are some well-known brands that have always been consistent in terms of reliability and performance. If you're looking for a heat pump, you should probably start with these heat pump products.

1.Tempstar heat pump

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (8)

This is a premium heat pump brand, comparable to the Carrier and Bryant brands, but at a more affordable price.

Tempstar are part of International Comfort Products (ICP) which means they are built with high quality so they are durable and provide great service.

One factor that contributes to this efficiency is another top brand Copeland compressor. In addition, it is very easy to repair, small parts are available and the price is economical.

The 5- to 10-year warranty on this product is also very commendable. Part of the warranty is a full product replacement, not just a repair. According to the reviews, it really is a quality heat pump.

2.Goodman heat pump

Although this brand is inexpensive, it is considered a premium heat pump brand due to being in the HVAC segment. Since HVAC acquired the brand, major improvements have been inevitable.

Goodman heat pumps are popular for their reputation as a budget brand and a budget HVAC brand.

Like the Tempstar, it uses a Copeland compressor as well as a highly rated UltraTech scroll compressor, making it a great product for customers who prefer a budget heat pump. Warranty coverage for heat pumps depends on the product model.

So, some offer a lifetime warranty and others offer a ten-year warranty. Based on reviews, this brand is often the best choice for an affordable heat pump that offers the best performance.

3.Daikin heat pump

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (9)

The event is sponsored by Goodman Global Group. Goodman's solid reputation makes it one of the best heat pump options, even though it's more expensive than Goodman products.

Its customer rating improved from top 15 to top 21. It uses a Copeland inverter compressor.

One of its market advantages is the 12-year warranty, which covers early repairs and product replacements within the warranty period.

4.Topline Pump Maytag

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (10)

Many people don't know that Maytag makes heat pumps and other HVAC products, but when it comes to performance, Maytag is a commendable brand of heat pumps.

The parent company is Nortek Global, formerly known as Nordyne, which also owns brands such as Broan, NuTone, and Frigidaire.

Maytag has very durable compressors and spares are readily available in case of an emergency. Just like Daikin, it comes with a 12-year warranty, which comes in handy when choosing this brand.

5.heat pump york

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (11)

Another best heat pump brand is York Heat Pump. It is manufactured under Johnson's control along with other sister brands namely Luxaire, Coleman and Champion. This offers high quality heat pumps with a focus on improving their product line and recent efficiencies.

Unlike other brands, York manufactures its own coils and comes with a lifetime compressor warranty as well as a ten-year general parts warranty. This is ideal for heat pump brands.

6.Carrier and Bryant Heat Pumps

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (12)

This brand is the most popular among the above mentioned brands and is widely available in the market. These brands offer quality products but with shorter warranties. And, since the products come with a long-lasting guarantee, their prices are also much higher than other brands.

It also uses Copeland for the compressor and comes with a ten-year warranty on the compressor and other parts. This brand offers the lowest number of years of warranty compared to other brands, but with a rating of 21.5 for durability and longevity, it's probably the best option for you.

7.Trane heat pump

5 Worst Heat Pump Brands and 7 Most Reliable Brands to Avoid (2021) - Keeping Your Home Cool (13)

In comparison, Trane is the best when it comes to high efficiency, quiet operation and value for money. The brand is well-received by consumers for its high efficiency, which allows homeowners to save money on their electricity bills. It is also considered the quietest brand.

Between all the different models from the brand, it's up to you, with your local Trane Comfort Specialist ready to evaluate the best model for your home. Trane's price tag isn't high either, making it a top brand in consumer reviews.

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How to Identify a Defective Heat Pump

1.high energy bills

If your electricity bills have suddenly increased, it may be time to start looking for appliances that need repair. For heat pumps, check if some parts need to be replaced, eg B. The filter is still ok or already needs to be replaced.

To ensure this problem exists, it is recommended to contact your HVAC professional to properly identify the problem.

2.poor airflow

The main cause of poor airflow can be the ductwork. However, if they are clean, clear and not leaking, the problem may be with the heat pump.

Dirty air filters, dirty coils can cause poor airflow, as can a running engine, etc. While keeping the facility clean is essential, it is also advisable to seek the help of an HVAC professional so that problems can be more accurately identified and resolved.

3.strange sound

The heat pump will definitely hum, but if it makes any other noises, call your HVAC technician right away. Something, such as a loose V-belt, may be causing the problem.

4.strange smell

When the heat pump is already smelling, it's in desperate need of replacement. A foul smell indicates mold growth, or in other cases, crawling and dead animals are causing the smell.

Other smells, such as burnt odors, can also be dangerous because they are associated with electricity. So if you notice a strange smell, it's a good idea to check your heat pump and, if necessary, call an HVAC technician.

5.when your home is no longer heated

Heat pumps are designed to heat a home. So if they haven't already provided this service, it's a clear sign that your heat pump needs replacing.

There could be several reasons for this issue, such as those mentioned above, or others that have not been identified. However, if you no longer feel the heat, it is best to take action and call an HVAC professional for product inspection, product replacement, and other repairs.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Heat Pump

1.buy special unit

If you decide to buy appliances for your home, be sure to buy new appliances from the best recommended brands to last longer.

While many people opt for a used car because of the lower price, it's still far better to buy a new car. Remember, it's better to buy premium products than cheap ones, but they won't meet the standard lifespan.

2.Do not hire professionals to install the equipment

Since we want to keep costs down, most people choose to install it themselves, but it is not recommended for all equipment purchased.

When shopping for new equipment, it's best to look for the best fit for the task at hand, or you can request installation from where you bought the equipment. A one-time payment is much better than paying more later.

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3.i don't read comments

These days, before buying a product, we always see feedback or reviews from people who are trying to buy it for you, so we know what to buy and what not to buy.

For savvy consumers, it is definitely beneficial to check reviews before buying.

4.regardless of SEER rating

The best thing to look out for when shopping for a heat pump is the SEER rating, as this will give you an idea of ​​which brand to buy to make your heat pump experience last longer.

This measures the effectiveness of the brand. So, if you want to spend less on your electricity bills, think about it and check out the SEER rating.

5.Buy brand new (but cheapest)

Heat pumps vary by home, location, and other factors. So when you're shopping for a heat pump, start by looking inside your home to see what you'll need.

This can save you time shopping for the right heat pump. Don't settle for a brand new but cheaper heat pump, either. Shop however you see fit.

6.without checking the price first

Buying a heat pump without knowing the price is an absolute no-no. It is always worth knowing the likely price, you can look on the internet or ask anyone who has the same equipment and get advice on where or which product is best for a heat pump.

It is always a good idea to research the price of the heat pump you choose beforehand. Just remember to always check before ordering.

7.Buying a heat pump that is not the right size for your area

Since there are so many factors to consider when purchasing a heat pump, it is also important to consider the size that will best suit the area where your heat pump will be installed.

Seek advice from a professional or someone who has experience purchasing this type of machine. The correct size is always the perfect size. So think carefully when buying.

8.you don't pay attention to brand

It is also an absolute no-no to buy a brand of heat pump that is widely available in the market but not recommended by many.

Knowing the brand and what it offers is crucial when purchasing. While most of the recommended brands are expensive, they can help you spend wisely.

9.no discount option

When buying a brand new heat pump, it's a good idea to apply for a discount, if available. Many brands offer this type of marketing strategy to attract customers and increase sales.

The higher the efficiency and price of the product, the higher the discount. So when buying a product for cash or on credit, always be aware or be bold and ask the seller for possible discounts.

10.Maintenance contract and warranty not included

Buying a quality and expensive heat pump with no guarantee of free maintenance and a short warranty is an absolute no-no. Be sure to check out these things before buying.

The warranty and free maintenance are a great help and can help you save even more. So whenever you're shopping for a brand new gadget or machine, it's important to keep these things in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pump Brands

Which heat pump is best, according to Consumer Reports?

Trane is the best heat pump when it comes to reliability and user satisfaction. This brand is reliable and very effective, which is why many people choose it. This is best for cold to moderately warm climates.

Trane uses Climatuff for compressor and spine finsAs far as heat pumps go, outdoor heat exchangers are the best. Although Trane has a higher installation cost due to its design and other factors, it contributes to your comfort over a long period of time.

What is the lifespan of a heat pump?

A good heat pump can last 20 years if maintained properly, but not all heat pumps do. Some heat pumps, no matter the make or model, will last at least 15 years.

To make your heat pump last 15-20 years, make sure your heat pump is always listening for unusual noises or other signs that it needs servicing.

Always make sure your heat pump is serviced only by professionals who are qualified for the job and not just anyone. For longer and better use of your heat pump, it also requires regular cleaning and repair of immediately repairable parts.

Is the Goodman heat pump brand good?

The Goodman brand is also known as a value-for-money heat pump brand. Since it's HVAC, it's one of those brands that produces affordable yet high-quality products that are still being developed and improved to this day.

What are the best brands of ductless heat pumps?

The best brand for ductless heat pumps is the Mitsubishi brand. Although quite a bit more expensive than the aforementioned brands, this model is the best in terms of warranty, features, price, range, practicality, efficiency, smoothness, and comfort.

In terms of quality, durability, efficiency, and practicality, Mitsubishi has it all, making it the best ductless heat pump of all other brands. Mitsubishi ductless systems are equipped with technologies that increase efficiency, eliminate hot and cold spots, bring cleaner air to your home and allow you to control the system remotely.

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Other equipment brands:


When choosing the best heat pump brand for your home, always choose the best brand based on efficiency, reliability, durability, and above all, comfort.

Heat pumps are a one-time major purchase, but they have a long lifespan depending on the make and model, so it's important to choose the one with the most in the range.

Remember, things that offer help, comfort, and comfort should be well thought out. Money is important, but so is performance and reliability.


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