21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (2023)

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12. November 2021

VonCurrent San Antonio team

Look, we get it: sometimes you just can't cook a full Thanksgiving meal. Even if you are a great cook, it can be a tiring process that prevents you from having a quality vacation with family and friends.

Luckily, many San Antonio restaurants are happy to cook and dine for you. Whether you're looking for some help to support the family at home, or you're ready to head out for Turkey Day this year, these restaurants have you covered.

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21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (1)

Count Abel
1639 Broadway, (210) 444-9424,earlabelssa.com
Earl Abel's offers family meal packages to feed your entire team, or get a custom meal just for you. Packed with roast turkey breast, cornbread filling, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, this SA classic is no joke.
Photo via Instagram/earlabels_restaurante

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (2)

Eating H-E-B Easy
Many places,heb.com
H-E-B offers a variety of stress-free and clean holiday meals, including your choice of smoked or roasted turkey breast or honey-cured ham, plus sides and gravy for a less stressful day of prep. The online pre-sale starts on November 15th.
Photo courtesy of H-E-B

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21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (3)

central market
Many places,mercadocentral.com
The H-E-B's big sister offers four chef-prepared meals plus a curated selection of appetizers, sides, and desserts to make cooking Thanksgiving dinner less stressful; There is even a vegetarian option. Buy online for pickup in store.
Photo courtesy of Central Market

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (4)

Eddie V's Best Seafood
1834 N Loop 1604 W, (210) 493-1600,eddiev.com/home
This spot may be known for its steak, but this Thanksgiving it's offering slow-roasted turkey, roasted pumpkin, hand-pounded mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie patties for people dining out for the holiday season.
Photo courtesy of Eddie V

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (5)

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Invoice Mueller
Many places,billmillerbbq.com
This San Antonio-based operation offers a variety of Thanksgiving meals, as well as turkey, chicken, and honey-glazed spiral ham. Large party packages even include the institution's iconic buckets of sweet tea.
Photo via Instagram/billmillerbarbq

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (6)

Several locationslamadeleine.com
This Dallas-based French chain offers hearty holiday dishes, including oven-roasted turkey breast, wild mushroom gravy, red skin mashed potatoes, green bean almonds, cranberry-apple filling, and sea-salt baguettes.
Photo courtesy of Madeleine

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (7)

Large bib steak
104 Lanark Drive, (210) 654-8400,thebigbib.com
Big Bib gets it right for Thanksgiving, offering whole turkeys from 20 to 22 pounds and smoked turkey breasts by the pound. Dip, side dishes and desserts such as pecan pie or banana pudding complete the meal.
Photo via Instagram/jesselizarraras

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (8)

strolling horse
306 W Market St., (210) 229-9222,amblersantonio.com
This newly renovated River Walk restaurant offers a three-course fixed-price meal that includes cider-salted turkey breast and all sides. The attached Hotel Contessa even offers Thanksgiving stay-away packages for people who don't want to have the holiday buzz at home.
Photo courtesy of Ambler

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21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (9)

white grill
13259 Weisse Strasse, (210) 251-2602,blancobbq.com
This roaster has a Thanksgiving package big enough to feed an army: $200 gets you an 18- to 20-pound turkey and all the sides in heat-ready containers for easy prep.
Photo via Instagram/whitebbq_est2013

21 restaurants in San Antonio offer Thanksgiving meals for eat-in or take-out (10)

Cibolo Moon im JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa
23808 Resort Pkwy, (210) 276-2500,marriott.com
The restaurant at this luxury hotel in the hills offers an extensive holiday buffet, keeping guests coming back time and time again for seconds and thirds of delicious dishes like herb and salt crusted prime rib and bourbon pecan tarts.
Photo courtesy of Cibolo Moon

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