15 Thanksgiving Delivery Options to Say Thank You (2023)

At the risk of sounding like your mom, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do for Thanksgiving this year, especially if you're planning something to go.

A holiday once reserved as a day for cooking at home has increasingly become a day for opening wrapped packages of expertly prepared feasts and following simple reheating instructions that not even a frat boy could screw up. Thanksgiving snacks save us the hassle of digging up a plastic bag of giblets or, even worse, finding a plastic bag of melted giblets. This ensures we don't end up eating a runny, rubbery turkey like the Griswolds, and we don't spend half a day peeling potatoes and sweet potatoes like a line cook. Unlike our own ovens, take-out food rarely lets us down.

You may have first tried takeout on Thanksgiving last year, when restaurants ripped rabbits out of turkey butts to make up for lost profits due to the pandemic. But even before the 2020 takeout transition, Luby's was churning out Black Friday Eve meal packages like a well-oiled machine.for at least ten years. “Let's cook!”, the slogan became the ringing of a triangle bell for those who don't see a day in the kitchen as a worthwhile vacation.

As Dan Solomon wrote four years agoTexas Monthlyoverwritten history"In defense of just having your goddamn Thanksgiving dinner at Luby's', the former cafeteria-style restaurant, 'is a place that fills many of us with various feelings, and none of them are bad. , and for dinner, takeout is the cheapest, most traditional Texas option on the list belownow open for orders.

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We did some delicious research to find Thanksgiving food deals across the state, including nontraditional foods like Chinese, Mediterranean, and Filipino feasts, and, of course, barbecues. These limited quantity offers tend to sell out quickly. So if you'd rather wear stretchy pants this year and watch the game from your couch, order soon - no shuffling, batting, or tackling required.

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Have you ever tried pumpkin hummus or honey pie? Not yet, but take-out dinner is startingsenior bossAlumnus CJ Jacobson of Aba, a Chicago Mediterranean restaurant that opened last year on Austin's famous "SoCo" boardwalk, sounds like a healthy option. Offerings include filet mignon kebabs, crispy chicken thighs with vegetables and butternut squash, and orzo with black truffles.

Meals are $59.95 per person for groups of two, four or six. Collection is November 24th.Order via Tockuntil November 21 at 9 am

SlugYdo Hugo(Houston)

Chef Chilango Hugo Ortega, winner of Best Chef: Southwest at the 2017 James Beard Awards, offers similar take-out menus at two of his four restaurants in Houston. Spiral pineapple habanero ham, a dozen tamales or three milk chocolate cake seem enough to alienate any fan of Mexican cuisine from orthodox Americans. Since this is a day for more than one dessert, add a pumpkin pie with meringue and cajeta and a capirotada bread pudding.

order belowSlugYdo Hugoopens on November 7th and meals can be picked up between 11am and 5pm. m. and 8 p.m. until November 24th. The last day to place an order is November 21st. Family party packages for eight to 10 people start at $225. Couples feasts are $95, and a la carte dishes are also available.

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western comfort(Marfa)

Pre-orders are now possibleThe best grill station in Marfa,Convenience West, directed by Pitmaster Mark Scott. He wants the whole breast for $140, or maybe three pounds of smoked turkey breast for $60. The famous carrot sauce with red peppers and nuggets is also available, as is the cherry and almond orange chess pie.

assignmentsmust be picked up by November 24th. Warming instructions included.

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let's go(Austin)

Texas' most famous hog hunter, Jesse Griffiths, will again host a Thanksgiving dinner at Dai Due this year, featuring deli items like antelope nilgai salami cotto and wild boar summer sausage. Belle Vie's organic turkey is now sold out, but smoked wild boar ham ($75), prepared quail ($8 each) and turducken sausage ($16 each) are still available. Garnishes like chicken fat mash with sweet potato and wild rice sauce will have carnivores licking the chops, and the product is even used in frozen cake batter made with freshly processed butter and lard.

domainnow for pickup on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th of November. Many places are already reserved.

Barbacoa Evie Maes Pit(Wolffort)

He "Crownjewel of the Grillens in west TexasEvie Mae's, near Lubbock, sells double-smoked whole hams topped with spices for $70. Meat options continue with oak-smoked brisket ($160), turkey breast ($50) and whole turkey with spiced honey butter ($120). The gluten-free dessert menu consists of pumpkin and chocolate pies and apple pods.

Ham, Brisket, and Vacuum-Sealed Turkey Breast Available for Pickup Nov. 23; Get your hams and turkeys hot on November 24th. Desserts are available both days. domainHere.

Barbacoa Feges(Houston)

Feges, owned by culinary power couple Erin Smith and Patrick Feges, offers two staging areas from which to choose your centerpiece. Vacuum-sealed turkey breasts, sausages, brisket, and spare ribs will be available at both Houston locations Nov. 23 and 24, and the whole turkey and smoked ham with bone-in rum (both $135) will be available freshly. fresh out of the oven Thanksgiving morning pickup at Spring Branch location.

As we reported in our Top 50 list, it's the side dishes that steal the show at Feges, like the Korean stir-fried vegetables that "It might be the best barbecue in TexasA 9" x 12" skillet of vegetables is on the menu, along with other sides, including cornbread with lard and cinnamon butter and a rum-raisin bread pudding for dessert (all $40). Orders can be placedHereuntil 17.11.

Kenny & Ziggy's Delights in New York(Houston)

Houston's Kenny and Ziggy's Jewish deli is your go-to Thanksgiving spot for pastrami and pastrami-wrapped foods. Hors d'oeuvres like pastrami-wrapped pineapple and classic Jewish sides like sweet noodle ball, kasha Lackkas and roasted garlic and boiled potatoes round out the extensive Thanksgiving a la carte menu.32 cakes, cheesecakes and baker's cakes.

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Complete meal includes a 16-pound turkey with gravy, two pots of wild mushroom and chestnut stuffing, cranberry, pineapple, and walnut relish, two sides, and a Mile High Apple Pie for $295. Thanksgiving is November 18th and November 24th for pickup. order formHere.

earth race(Saint Anthony)

Landrace is James Beard Award finalist Steve McHugh's newest restaurant at the Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk Hotel. The turkey to go is available here for Thanksgiving. Choose from whole turkey stuffed with gravy and Parker House Bun for $96 or 16-ounce Wagyu Beef Wellington ($150) with Bordeaux. Family-style sides include cajeta-topped grilled carrots and charcoal-roasted sweet potatoes ($25 each).

assignmentsMust be placed by November 11th and collection is November 26th.

lockhart smokehouse(Arlington, Dallas e Plano)

Mick Jagger's Favorite Steakhouse in Dallasis offering Thanksgiving takeout for the 10th time this year. Co-owner Jill Bergus says the Central Texas-style smoked turkey ($79.99) and ham ($75) have always been good, but there's also the signature black-shelled whole breast ($260). , which serves up to twenty wolves.

Orders of vacuum-packed beef with classic grilled sides in foil half shells will be available for pick-up on November 23rd or 24th. The closing date for orders is November 20th at 5pm. order linkHere.

Ella(Dallas location only)

At the Loro Dallas location, Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue and Tyson Cole of Uchi prepared a spread that includes a toasted brioche filling with Thai sausage, served with oak-smoked turkey breast and a sauce made with miso and sage. End the meal with a yuzu peach cobbler with five spice mascarpone.

The package costs $190, accommodates four to six people, and is available for pick-up on Nov. 24. Orders can be placed onlineHere.

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Maria's kitchen(Dallas)

A small but tasty deli in a Dallas office building, Marie's Kitchen is offering a Filipino Thanksgiving food package for the second time this year. Anyone who's had enough turkey before Turkey Day will feast on crispy, moist suckling pig's belly, topped with rice a la valenciana, the mother of paella, and pancit bihon, thin rice noodles with Chinese pork sausage, shrimp and more pork belly . is served . For dessert, there's biko, sweet Filipino rice balls made with coconut milk, ginger and brown sugar.

The pack is enough for four or five people for $100, with additional quantities available to add on. Call 972-234-8383 to place an order before November 19th at 4pm. Collection is November 25th.

petra and fera(Dallas)

Butcher, cook, and take-out cooking queen Misti Norris will host Thanksgiving farmhouse feasts in sizes two to four or four to six. The main show is miso-glazed turkey breast and wings with smoked thighs and an exceptional broccoli and cheese casserole with crispy garlic. Forget the plain white rolls, she has smoked tallow focaccia with Sichuan green koji butter and chocolate walnut tart for dessert.

Check asite webon Thursday, November 11th for the full menu, ordering instructions and pricing.

slow bone grill(Dallas)

After eating Slow Bone takeout on my quarantined Thanksgiving last year, I felt ridiculous trying to cook for the holidays again when such delicious side dishes are on offer, like the perfect joint brisket. Pitmaster Jeffery Hobbs says his Top 50 joint "was designed with an emphasis on the laterals," and some have gone through many iterations, giving it the status of a lateral model that has been close to my heart since my family first wrestled. sweet potato praline

Along with a smaller four-to-six pack for $135, the Whole Barnyard pack serves ten to twelve with smoked whole turkey breast, 1-pound brisket, spare ribs, and three delicious honey-butter cornbread sides for US $285. Both packages can becleanwarm and ready to serve or refrigerated, vacuum packed and ready to reheat.

clandestine hospitality(Houston)

Hotel industry heroChris Shepherd gives Thanksgiving a go to Georgia James, one of seven concepts included in the Underbelly Hospitality group. While I'm sure three pounds of butter-smoked turkey breast ($42) will be good, Shepherd family traditions like rumwurst links and oldies areBelly classics like vinegar pieand Chile Tater Tot Casserole, for making me put the cookbook on my Christmas list and consider going to Houston for the holidays this year.

online orderCloses on November 19th. Sides serve four at $27 each. Whole pies are available for $32, and a base of Thanksgiving Day After Gumbo ($50) would be a solid way to get rid of that turkey.

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